Home Stories – New Video Series Coming Soon

Hey Everyone! I’m really excited to announce a new video series we will be coming out with in the near future. Up until now, we’ve been doing a lot of videos on real estate tips for buyers and sellers, and we’ll continue to do that. However, in addition to those videos, I want to launch … Continued

Cincinnati real estate agent youtube channel

Cincinnati Real Estate Agent YouTube Channel Trailer

As I continue to build our video content at TeamSztanyo.com, I went ahead and created a quick channel trailer for our YouTube channel. Hope you like it! My name is Eric Sztanyo, and I am a Cincinnati real estate agent licensed real estate agent in KY & OH. I love my city and am passionate about helping … Continued

getting ready to sell your cincinnati house

Selling Your House in Cincinnati This Year? 4 Tips To Get Ready Now

Getting your house ready to sell can seem enormously intimidating. There just seems to be so much to do in the beginning. But selling your house in Cincinnati or NKY doesn’t have to be such a daunting undertaking. If you start early enough and do the things that matter the most first, it will be … Continued

Why You Should Sell Your House in The Springtime in Cincinnati

You’ve probably heard it many times before, but it’s still just as true as it’s ever been: spring is the best time to try to sell a house. There are the obvious reasons, of course. Winter’s inclement weather is gone, the sun is out, and people are more inclined to be out house hunting. There … Continued