Selling and Buying a House in Norwood, OH – Team Sztanyo Testimonial

Selling and Buying a House in Norwood, OH

Whether you are selling or buying a house in Norwood, OH, Team Sztanyo can help you find the way home.

Jon and Amanda approached us in the fall of 2018, because they were living in a house in Norwood, OH that wasn’t working for them. They were worried that they wouldn’t be able to sell the house because of the time of year (heading into winter), a back yard that was in rough condition, and a few other miscellaneous items around the property.

Not only were we able to sell their Norwood home on Quatman Avenue, but we received multiple offers on the first day!!!

Because their community and social network largely lived in Norwood, they were on the hunt for a few months to find the perfect home. We recently found that perfect home and jumped at the opportunity! The sellers already had another offer, but we were able to beat them out and get Jon and Amanda their dream home!

So fun being at the closing table with these two who will be staples in the Norwood community for years to come! If you need help selling and buying a house in Norwood, give us a call!

Selling and Buying a House in Norwood, OH - Team Sztanyo Testimonial


ERIC: All right! Congrats on the house. Tell us a little bit about your home buying experience.

JON: Well, working with Eric was awesome. He was very patient with us. We looked at quite a few houses. He was very transparent about what he was doing in his process, which made us feel a lot more at ease.

I couldn’t recommend Eric enough! Not only did we sell a house with Eric, but we also got to buy a house with Eric.

From both the selling and buying perspective, Eric does a great job. Like I said, I couldn’t recommend him more.

ERIC: Thank you so much!


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