Attract Renters When Buying Investment Real Estate - Investment

How to Attract Renters When Buying Investment Real Estate in Cincinnati

Getting started in the world of real estate investing can be complicated, overwhelming, and stressful. But one of your top priorities should be finding ways to attract renters. The profitability of a rental property is your ability to attract and retain Tenants. To help give you the boost you need to start seeing returns sooner … Continued

Living in Cincinnati- Cincinnati city

Living in Cincinnati – Pros and Cons

I’ve got an extensive list. And instead of just pulling out kind of my random top 10 lists of just the things that I like, what I did was sent out a message to basically all my friends sending out on Facebook “Hey, you’ve all lived here for 30 plus years or whatever or longer. … Continued

Moving to cincinnati- Jamarr

Moving to Cincinnati – Is it just land

Ja’marr: “I liked the little view they had so far. This is, this is not what I thought Cincinnati was going to be. So I’m actually liking this so far.” Press: “Hold up. What did you think Cincinnati was going to be?” Ja’marr: “I actually thought since then that was going to be a bunch … Continued

Upgrading Your House - Tiles

5 Things to Look for When Upgrading Your House in Cincinnati

Are you thinking about upgrading your house? Mustering the motivation and courage to undertake a large room update is no small feat, and then deciding which projects are the best use of your time and money adds another layer of complexity. In order to get you focused on the projects that will benefit you most, … Continued

Cincinnati – A city where your family can grow roots

Cincinnati – A city where your family can grow roots

You may be religious or you may not be religious, but there’s a Psalm in the Bible Psalm 128, and I have this up on my desktop. I’m looking at it basically every day. And it says “how happy is everyone who fears Adonai, who lives by his ways. You will eat what your hands … Continued

Tips To Help You Secure A Loan- approved loan

7 Tips To Help You Secure A Loan in Greater Cincinnati

Are you ready to buy a house and you’re looking for tips to help you secure a loan? If you’re like most of us, you’re just a little nervous about it – we all fear rejection of any kind. There are, however, several things you can do to increase your chances of getting the financing … Continued