5 Things You Can Do If Your Cincinnati House Appraises Low

There are few things discouraging when selling your home than receiving a low appraisal. To help you overcome this possible obstacle, we have 5 things you can do if your Cincinnati house appraises low. REVIEW AND SCRUTINIZE The first step when your house appraises low is to ask for a copy of the appraisal and … Continued

5 Tips for Buyers and Sellers Negotiating Repair Costs in Cincinnati

Going through the first round of negotiations when buying or selling a home can put a strain on the relationship between the buyer and seller. In order to help make your ongoing real estate transaction a success, here are 5 tips for buyers and sellers negotiating repair costs in Cincinnati: Keep Your Agent Involved Hopefully, … Continued

first time homebuyers close on house in newport, ky

First Time Homebuyers Close on Newport, KY Home

Hooray! Another closing for clients who are first time homebuyers. Being able to help someone who is making such a big decision for the first time is a huge joy of ours. And, we are proud to say that even in a very competitive market for buyers, we were able to find these first time … Continued

Moving Back to the Midwest

Moving Back to the Midwest

Growing up in the Midwest, everyone always says that they can’t wait to leave. However, studies show that people are moving back to the Midwest in record numbers and there is good reason why. In this video, I will briefly cover why so many people are making their way back home and moving back to … Continued

Living in Fort Thomas, Kentucky - House

Living in Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Are you looking for the BEST neighborhoods to live in Northern Kentucky? If so, you have got to check out Fort Thomas, Kentucky. This area has so much to offer, from its location to the top rated school, you really cannot go wrong living in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Why Fort Thomas? If you’re looking for … Continued