Home Stories – New Video Series Coming Soon

Home Stories - New Content Coming Soon From Team Sztanyo

Hey Everyone! I’m really excited to announce a new video series we will be coming out with in the near future.

Up until now, we’ve been doing a lot of videos on real estate tips for buyers and sellers, and we’ll continue to do that. However, in addition to those videos, I want to launch a new series called “Home Stories”, where we interview families around town and ask them how their home helps build their family.

Winston Churchill famously said, “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

My plan is to interview families about why they chose their home, how they’ve shaped it, and how it is shaping them.

I’m really excited about this!!! And, I can’t wait to film some of these stories, so that more people can be thinking intentionally about their home.

If you want to be interviewed or know someone who should be, comment on the YouTube video or our Facebook Page!

We’re also updating our brand’s tagline from “helping people build a bridge to their future real estate dreams” to “helping families find their way home.” This is a much more natural expression for me, and I find a LOT of joy in helping families. I’m looking forward to exploring this more in depth as a brand as well.

I’m starting to line up these videos with my friends and people who have thought really intentionally about their home and family. I have been excited about the videos we’ve made to date, but I am SUPER excited about sharing these stories.

For my wife and I, I know finding our house we live in now is a story that we will always tell. It truly was a gift from God, and when we were praying, we asked God to give us the home, and we would always tell people the story. I’ll save that for another video/blog post, but it’s a good one! And, I know lots of other people have similar stories.

So, I can’t wait to tell them. Stay tuned!

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