Cincinnati – A city where your family can grow roots

Do you plan on moving to Cincinnati for a better job offer, moving to a more desirable neighborhood, or growing a family? There are several important considerations before deciding where you want your family to live. Here are the 3 major things you need to know before moving to Cincinnati!

1. Living in Cincinnati – Pros and Cons

Instead of pulling 10 random top 10 lists, I sent out a message basically to all my friends on Facebook saying “Hey, you’ve all lived here for 30 plus years or whatever or longer. What do you love about the city? If somebody was moving here, doesn’t know anything about the city, what would you tell them that you love about it? And then what would you tell them that you hate about it?”

By doing this, we’re going to get actual answers from people who lived in Cincinnati. So we’re going to get the good and the bad of what people in the city actually think about living in Cincinnati. Below are the top 15 pros and cons of living in Cincinnati!

  1. The first thing that people said they liked about living in Cincinnati was the city leadership. 
  2. This one just made me laugh is somebody said, it’s not Cleveland.
  3. What people love about living in Cincinnati is the beautiful downtown.
  4.  People really like about living in Cincinnati that you don’t get to experience in some other places is that you get four seasons of weather. Now there’s a downside to that, which is, there are actually two cons to this with the four seasons.  The first con is that in the springtime, there’s a pretty harsh allergy season. The second con or something that people hate about Cincinnati and the weather. A lot of people don’t like that it’s gray a lot of the time.
  5. Number five, as a pro of living in Cincinnati, is that there’s a proud history. 
  6. Another thing we’re really proud of here is we have the oldest professional baseball team, the Cincinnati Reds.
  7. Number seven of why people love living in Cincinnati is the river and the landscape and the aesthetics. I’m going to throw in another con here at number seven, which is some people said traffic overall and another cons about living in the city that people said that they don’t like is that there’s a poor public transportation system. And I would say that’s kind of accurate.
  8. Number eight. This is a little bit different angle, but another reason a lot of people like living in Cincinnati is that there’s an established economy here, and it’s a diverse economy. 
  9. Number nine that people love about living in Cincinnati is the food. 
  10. Number 10 is the people, the people are great. 
  11. Number 11. And this one got nine votes from people who responded to my thread here was that it’s an affordable city.
  12. Number 12 on the list. This one got 10 votes. A lot of people who are living in Cincinnati like professional sports.
  13. Number 13 is Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. 
  14. Number 14. A lot of people mentioned this as, at the top of their list. They said it’s a big city with a small-town feel.
  15. The last thing that people love about living in Cincinnati is there is always something to do. 

Pros and Cons of Living in Cincinnati, OH - Moving to Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky

2. Relocating to Cincinnati – Where to Live?!?

If you’re trying to decide whether moving to Cincinnati is your best option then you would need to know what are the school, neighborhood, and location you want to build your family. I’ve been dialoguing, emailing back and forth with these clients who are coming in, moving here, and they want to know a few things. Where are the best school districts? Where are the best neighborhoods family-friendly neighborhoods live? I’ve got kids in high school and middle school. Where can they plugin and have a bunch of friends? How can we be close to downtown and different amenities and where the different price points, and those are all great questions and I’d love to help you out if you’re moving to Cincinnati. 

 In terms of the school districts and from a public school standpoint, some of the top school districts in the area include Westchester Lakota schools, Mason schools, which are on the North end of the city.

If you’re moving to Cincinnati because of a job relocation that requires you to be on the North end, you might want to strongly consider Westchester, Mason, Sycamore schools, Lakota schools, all those are very strong. If you’re down and your job is going to be in Northern Kentucky, then there are a few other schools districts you might want to look at in Northern Kentucky.

 If you’re looking for new construction then you want to be in those school districts, Westchester and Mason, up more on the Northern ends, maybe some in Loveland as well.

 If you are wanting to be closer to the hub of the city, let’s say your job might be more downtown and you’re looking at areas such as Fort Thomas in Kentucky, Fort Mitchell in Northern Kentucky, or let’s say you’re on the other side of the river in Cincinnati, and you’re looking at Madeira or Mariemont, even Hyde Park. In terms of your dollar to be closer to downtown Cincinnati, you’re going to get probably less home per square footage for your dollar. So this is fairly standard for most Metro cities as you kind of push out into the suburbs.

In Cincinnati, as you’re getting outside around that I-275 loop that goes around the city, there’s a little bit more land to work with with your dollar, which is going to stretch a little bit further. You’re probably going to see more newer subdivisions. You’re going to get bigger homes and get houses that have a more modern design, more open layout feel, kitchens that open up into the living room, or have a morning room right off the kitchen, just in terms of the construction themselves.

I live in Fort Thomas, which is a much older community. My house is over a hundred years old. And so it is not an open floor plan, but you know, you’re going to get a ton of character in that house. We’ve got an old stone foundation, it’s three stories high, lots of beautiful woodwork. So if you’re looking for that kind of a feel, then you might look for an area like Fort Thomas or Fort Mitchell, or like I said, Mariemont or Madeira on the Cincinnati side, maybe Walnut Hills, something like that.

If you are more interested in like, “look, I don’t want to do with, I don’t want to deal with a lot of home repairs. We’re relocating from another city. I got to focus on my job and I don’t want to be messing with the house and doing a bunch of cosmetic updates. I’d rather have something newer” Then again I’m going to steer you on the north side of Cincinnati to Mason Westchester Loveland and in Northern Kentucky.

If you’re going to be looking at a lower price point, you could go out to Campbell county and your Alexandria and independence. If your price point is more in the 400, 506 hundred, then Union, Kentucky might be a really good fit for you if you’re moving to Cincinnati.

Relocating to Cincinnati - Where to Live?!?

3. Moving to Cincinnati – Is It Just Land?

You might be thinking of moving to Cincinnati and you’re like, I don’t know what’s going on there. Hey guys, we got all kinds of videos on this channel trying to introduce you to the city and give you a feel for the neighborhoods where you might want to live. What school districts you might want to be in for your family, or maybe you’re going to homeschool.

 You might have a new job here. And you’re like, what the heck is it? Is it just land? Is it just miles and miles of open land? And, gosh, it makes me laugh. But no, you might actually be surprised. Like Ja’marr Chase. We actually have buildings here. We have museums, we have art, we have businesses, we have culture, we have a river, we have great restaurants, we have great music. We’ve got a great beer scene. We’ve got professional sports teams, three of them. 

Moving to Cincinnati - Is it Just Land?!?

If you’re moving to Cincinnati, you might come to find out that it’s actually pretty sweet. If you guys are moving here, be sure to check out our other videos and we will talk to you soon!