Sell your Batavia, OH Home Without the Hassle – Seller Testimonial

This is Traci and Nick, they are Team Sztanyo’s most recent satisfied clients.  Do you want to sell your Batavia, OH home without the hassle of doing it all yourself? Let Team Sztanyo take care of all of that for you! If you want to sell your home, but feel like “it is just too much right now” or you “don’t want to deal with it”, then you have come to the right place. We will handle it all for you, to make your experience as simple as possible.

Here at Team Sztanyo, we are known for our outstanding customer service, the proof is in our happy customers! Watch this video to hear a little bit about their experience and what it is like working with Team Sztanyo.

Sell Your Batavia, OH Home Without the Hassle - Seller Testimonial

 Video Transcript

Eric: Congratulations! And, tell us a little bit about what it was like selling your home?

Traci: We had a really great experience. It was smooth, all of the questions that we had upfront were answered really quickly, and it felt like we were put at ease with the whole process because we didn’t know what we were doing on our own. We were just kind of leaning on Eric to guide us.

Nick: It was a great experience, we would certainly work with you guys again.

Eric: So you would recommend working with Eric?

Nick and Traci: Oh yeah, he is pretty awesome!


About This Sale

Nick and Traci decided to sell their Batavia, OH home early this year in order to move their family and become missionaries. With four small children, and A LOT of planning to do, they had no time to worry about all of the hassles that can come with selling a home. That is when they decided to work with Eric on Team Sztanyo to sell their home. After Eric listed their home,they started receiving showing requests almost immediately. Soon after, they received an amazing offer and the house went under contract. All of this happened in less than three days!!! Eric took care of EVERYTHING from inspections, to negotiations to then finally to the closing table. Because of this, Nick and Traci were able to put their focus where it needed to be which gave them plenty of time to make plans and arrangements for their future endeavors.  Nick and Traci are so excited that they are now one step closer to being able to move to their next destination and begin doing what they love! Team Sztanyo could not be more excited for them.

Thinking of Selling Your House?

After watching this video, are you ready to sell your Batavia, OH home without the hassle?  Great! Call Team Sztanyo today to set up a fere, no obligation consultation to further discuss your home and your situation. Team Sztanyo works all over the tristate area, helping people to sell and buy homes in both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We would love to meet with you!

If this interests you, please contact Eric today at (513)813-6293.


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