Buying In A Seller’s Market – Testimonial

If you are currently in the market to buy in the Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati area, I am sure you are WELL aware that you are buying in a seller’s market. This is making the already difficult decision of choosing a home even harder. Homes are going under contract in only days and often times they are selling for WAY above market value. Because of this, finding a home is harder than ever, which is why it is important to have a great real estate agent on your team! Check out this video to see how Team Sztanyo helped this family find their dream home while buying in a seller’s market.

Choosing the Right Agent in a Competitive Market - Buyer Testimonial
Cincinnati Buyers that were feeling discouraged while shopping for a home in a Seller’s market. However, Team Sztanyo was able to help them find the perfect home!

Video Transcript

Eric: Congratulation on the purchase of your home! Tell us a little bit about the process and how it went for you guys.
Jared: As you can see, it was a pretty weird time to buy a house. But, circumstances notwithstanding. We really liked working with Eric.
Courtney: Eric was super patient with us through these times and it was a difficult time to buy a house. But, he got us into what we wanted to see and we got our house!
Eric: What were some of the challenges you felt?
Jared: Definitely the market right now is pretty rough.
Courtney: Things were just selling super quickly. You pretty much go into a house and you are automatically up against 6 other people. Just keeping in mind that you are in for a little bit of a fight.
Eric: So happy overall? You could recommend working with Eric and Team Sztanyo?
Courtney & Jared: Yes, absolutely!! We are very happy and would recommend you every time!

About This Transaction

Courtney and Jared decided it was time to move when the area that they had previously lived, began to go downhill. They began feeling unsafe in their own home and knew it was time for change. One day, the young couple even discovered bullet holes in their car, this was the last straw. They met Eric and Team Sztanyo immediately began the search for their new home. However, they QUICKLY realized that this was not going to be an easy task.

Coming out of COVID-19, the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area has landed in a seller’s market. This means that the inventory for homes is low but the demand from buyers is high. Buying in a Seller’s market can present a large factor of issues for buyers. In this case, Courtney and Jared were struggling because homes were literally flying off of the market. They felt that by the time they were able to visit the homes, they had already gone pending or had already received several strong offers. Along with this, because there is such high demand for homes, many homes are selling for thousands of dollars over asking price. This made it difficult to know what price range we should actually be shopping in. After offering on a few homes and not receiving any good news, the couple began to feel defeated.

However, the next time the two were ready to make an offer, they new they had to bring out the big guns. With the help of Team Sztanyo, we crafted an unbeatable offer. After a few hours of anxiously waiting, we got the fantastic news that their offer had been accepted. Courtney and Jared were under contract and on top of the world!

Why Work With Team Sztanyo?

It is important that when buying in a seller’s market, when you find the perfect home, you put in a STRONG offer. Whether that means offering above listing price, offering to pay closing costs, or even waiving the inspections. Team Sztanyo will not only guide you to your dream home, but also help you to put in a competitive offer once we have found it! When working with Team Sztanyo, it is our promise to you that we will always be open and honest, we will always be patient, and YOU will always be the top priority. If you would like a taste of what it is like to work with Team Sztanyo, check out some more of our Client Reviews.

If you are looking to buy or sell in the Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati area, let Team Sztanyo interview to be your realtors of choice! Give us a call today at (513) 813-2693.

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