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Ready to Sell My Erlanger KY Home and Downsize

A short while ago, Phyllis contacted us because she was ready to sell her Erlanger KY home and downsize to a condo. She had been a homeowner for decades and had done a fantastic job on the upkeep of her property. But now, she was done calling electricians and plumbers and ready to sell her house and move to a local condo in Crescent Springs by her sister.

This move made perfect sense for Phyllis. Why bother with a large, 3 bedroom bi-level home in Erlanger when you can sell it and live in a smaller condo where most all of the maintenance is taken care for you. Plus, to be right next door to family? It was a no brainer! Many boomers living in NKY and Cincinnati are considering the same move of downsizing their home in the suburbs and either moving to a more urban area like Mainstrasse or OTR or choosing a more secluded and peaceful environment like the new condos being built by Fischer Homes and Drees in the Arcadia neighborhood in Alexandria, KY. 

Erlanger House Sold Fast

With a cute bi-level right off of Turkeyfoot road, Phyllis’ home was in a very desirable location. In fact, even before we could publish the listing in the local NKY MLS, there were agents calling about the property. Once the home went Active, we had offers within hours. This is what happens when you have maintained your home well, staged the house appropriately, taken great professional photography and used the correct strategy for pricing your home.

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This transaction was unique because while we were under contract in less than 1 day, the buyer of our first offer got skittish during the inspection. Usually, an inspector is going to find a few items to fix, and we were expecting that, but this buyer decided to back out of the deal even before presenting us with an inspection addendum. This was quite odd and left us and the buyer’s agent scratching our heads. She was even trying to convince her buyer to move forward.

No matter, because once the home was back on the market, we had a second great offer. This time, the inspection process flowed a bit more smoothly. While there were still a few repairs, we recommended the appropriate contractors for Phyllis and got the work done. Then, it was on to closing!

sell my erlanger ky bi-level home - top real estate agent in erlanger


Working with Phyllis was an absolute joy as an agent. She was friendly, listened well to my advice and simply a pleasure. Any time there was information about the transaction to communicate, it was smooth sailing.

You can tell how much fun we had at closing by looking at the thumbnail in the video before. What a riot! Here what Phyllis had to say about working with Eric and Team Sztanyo.

Sell My Erlanger, KY Home - Team Sztanyo Testimonial - Erlanger Realtor


ERIC: Tell us a little bit about how it was selling you rhome.

SISTER: It was good having Eric to back her and make all the right decisions and helping her, because she is a single person and mother. She put her kid through school living there, and it’s just been great. But if you need a good guy, ask for Eric. He’s awesome!

PHYLLIS: He does a fantastic job!

Thinking of Selling Your Erlanger House?

If you are thinking of selling your Erlanger house, give us a call! We’ll give you a FREE home valuation and give you our expert opinion on what it could sell for. We love helping homeowners in Erlanger and all over Northern Kentucky. Why? Both my wife and I grew up here and still call it home!

Call Team Sztanyo today and let us help you sell your home fast and for the most amount of money!


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