New Condos in Alexandria KY – Arcadia Ranch Condos in Campbell County

New Condos in Alexandria KY

If you are looking for new condos in Alexandria KY that are for sale, then you definitely need to check out the Arcadia development in Campbell County, right off of US 27. With Fischer and Drees homes building new ranch style condos in several different styles, you are sure to find the right condo for you – whether you are an NKU student looking to have your own space near campus, or a boomer looking to downsize and have less home maintenance. Watch our video from Team Sztanyo where Eric is on-site where new condos in Alexandria KY are being built!

New Condos in Alexandria KY - Arcadia Condos for Sale in Campbell County

Condos For Sale in Arcadia Village in Alexandria, KY

Where can I buy a new condo in Northern Kentucky? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this video.

All right. Hey guys, welcome back. It’s Eric Sztanyo from Keller Williams Realty, and where we are helping families find their way home. And today we wanted to talk about new condo construction in Northern Kentucky.

arcadia in alexandria ky - campbell county

Today I’m out in Alexandria, Kentucky in the Arcadia development. It’s right off of … in fact, you might even be able to see in the background here, right off of 27 there’s this really unique community that’s being built out both by Fischer and Drees and if you know where the car dealerships are out on 27 there’s a Ford and a Hyundai, I think and a Chevrolet dealership out here. Then right across from there, if you go down this hill and up, you’re kind of in this really lovely community that’s set apart. It’s in the hills.

Once you enter it, you feel like you’re in a new place. You feel like you’re in this very beautiful views, hilly and it feels very secluded, very private when you get out here, but at the same time you’re close to all of these different amenities. You’re close to downtown. It’s easy to scoot in. You’re close to 275 where you can obviously get to anywhere in Northern Kentucky.

So, a lot of people are moving out here. They really like it. A lot of people from Campbell County who are wanting new construction and maybe a new condo are taking a look at this development, because there’s a lot to choose from here.

Now, there are condos, like I said, both from Drees and Fischer in the background right here. I can hear the construction workers over here on this Drees project right behind me if you can see it, but I also talked to some of the Fischer reps today and got some really interesting input in terms of the different options that they offer with their condos.

Different Styles and Price Ranges of Condos in Arcadia

There’s a couple of different styles you can choose from. First, they have their Gallery and their Villa condos. Now the Gallery or maybe a little more entry level, the more affordable. You might see different college age students living in these condos or you might see older singles, elderly, potentially living in these condos as well.

condos for sale in alexandria ky - villa by fischer homes

And up from the Gallery condos you have the Villa condos. So these are condos that they’re a little bit more luxurious, that if you can afford a little bit more for a condo where you don’t really want to feel like you’re in a condo, you might want to choose from the styles that are in the Villa condos.

Patio Homes – First Floor Condos in Arcadia

And then they also have two different style of homes that I thought were really interesting. They have what’s called the paired patio home.This is all first level, first level home and it’s kind of like two units in one home. But what’s interesting, they told me is in the middle, so, and this goes for their condos as well.

What’s different between them and living in an apartment where maybe all of you or you’re familiar with the idea of living in an apartment where the walls are paper thin and you hear everything and you’ve got people above you and behind you and around you and below you. And the walls are just completely thin.

Well, in Fischer they do a lot to do a lot of soundproofing. They won’t say that it’s sound proof completely but they have the drywall, the wall, insulation and then a firewall. So in their condos they actually pour concrete in between the walls to help give you that additional separation, make it feel more private in between. So they do that both in their condos and in their patio homes.

Paired Patio Homes – Ranch Style Condo in Campbell County

So they have what’s called a paired patio where it’s two units and it’s all on the first floor living. People love that again because you don’t have to worry about cutting the grass. You don’t have to worry about shoveling the snow. With the paired patio, what’s interesting is Fischer will even take care of the exterior of the home. So anything that happens with the roof down the road or the siding, they’re taking care of that. Now, if you don’t want to do the paired patio, they have one other option, which is called the patio home. Now this is a standalone home. It’s kind of this blend between condo living and single family because again, they’re going to take care of everything that’s, in terms of landscaping, they’re going to take care of the lawn, snow removal, but you are in charge of the exterior, the roof, the gutters, things like that going forward.

But the nice thing about about the patio home is you’re not sharing it with anyone. So if you don’t want to be around anyone at all, you get kind of the advantages of the condo living. Maybe you’re thinking of downsizing. A lot of these also come with finished basements. In fact, let me see here. Yes, the paired patio, they all come standard with a finished basement. So grandparents love these homes because you’ve already got a space for the grandkids that’s in the basement. While you know you’re living in a great new construction condo and you don’t have to worry about all the upkeep. So it’s a great option for a lot of people.

condos for sale in alexandria ky - arcadia patio home with finished basement

New Construction and Condo Buyer’s Agent for Northern Kentucky

Guys, if you are looking for a new condo in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati, at Team Sztanyo we specialize with new construction homes and condos. So if you’re a buyer and you want an agent to represent you, certainly you can go to the model homes, check it out, go to the websites of the different builders online, but you’re always going to want a buyer’s agent to represent you. It doesn’t cost you a thing, but we help you through the entire process.

At Team Sztanyo, we help you with that. My name’s Eric, and I’d love to talk to you about helping you get into the perfect new condo that you’re looking for anywhere in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati. So give us a call (513) 813-6293. Go to our website, Check out our reviews. We are A+, BBB accredited. We’ve got five star Google reviews like crazy. We’ve got video testimonials, so go check us out.

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