Justin Wolfenberg – A Father Flipping Houses With His Kids

Back in March, I sold my first house as a Keller Williams real estate agent to my friend Justin Wolfenberg. It was a $35,000 property in St. Bernard, the area of Cincinnati where Justin and his family of 8 live.

A few years back, Justin made a few radical decisions about his family and his work. His paradigm shifted in a massive way. You can read more about that story at this blog.

Justin and his crew of children and apprentices have worked on a few properties this summer and after finishing another rental, they are currently working on rehabbing this property on Greenlee. I decided to take a camera over and see what it looked like for a Dad to be flipping houses with his children.

Enjoy the video.

Justin Wolfenberg - A Father Flipping Houses With His Kids

A Father Flipping Houses With His Kids

Here’s a little bit of Justin’s story:

Justin is not your typical house flipper. You’re probably not going to see him on HGTV anytime soon (unless they are tired of the shows they keep cranking out and want an interesting angle). I wouldn’t say that the numbers don’t matter to Justin. They do. There’s just something that matters more to Justin than the numbers … his family.

a father flipping houses with his kids - hvac

Justin’s work is driven by being a Dad. He chose flipping houses as a “land based business” because he wants to do work with his family.

He wants to be and work with his kids. You might ask, “why”??? The answer is simple. He likes them.

He’s not just living for himself. He’s not going after the American Dream. He has a multi-generational vision.

Four of his six children work with him on the job site. His 12, 10, 9 and 7 year olds, and he has to hold his two toddlers back because they want to help.

a father flipping houses with his kids

Maybe God wanted us to be together as families.

Justin says these thoughts that sound crazy to our culture like, “maybe God wanted us to be together as families” and that having your kids around, even on a job site where you are flipping a house, “is a real blessing.”

After spending any amount of time with the Wolfenbergs, you realize a couple of things. First, this isn’t a gimmick. This is for real, and it’s hard work. And second, you realize how much they love and cherish being together. It’s the recipe for a strong family, not only in this generation, but in the generations to come.

a father flipping houses with his kids

Home Stories Coming Soon

I hope you enjoy this look at the Wolfenberg Family Team! This is the first video that Team Sztanyo is making where we will be highlighting families in our city and how they think about their homes, real estate and how it impacts their family life.

In the future, Team Sztanyo is going to be releasing a series of videos called Home Stories. In these videos, I’ll be asking families questions about their home. I want to know the story of their home! How did they get there? Why did they choose that home? What do they like about it? What do they dislike about it? How does their home facilitate their family vision? How does it help them be together?

I’m excited to make more of this content that I think is really interesting. And, I’m excited to help families find their way home. Please contact me for any of your buying or selling needs in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

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