How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent In NKY or Cincinnati

Are you thinking about selling your house with the help of an agent? Do you have questions like: How do I find a good real estate agent? How can you tell if a Realtor is bad? How do you find out what real estate agent sold a home? How do I find the best listing agent? And How to find the right real estate agent? There are so many agents out there that it’s hard to know which one’s the right one. That’s why we’re sharing this blog post about how to find the right real estate agent that fits your needs in NKY or Cincinnati.

Find the Right Real Estate Agent In Cincinnati- Real estate agent

Selling your house can seem like a daunting task, which is why many people turn to a real estate agent to help them. After all, a real estate agent’s job is to work on your behalf to help you sell your house! But there are so many agents out there and they all claim to be the very best! How can you decide which is the right agent for you?

How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent that Fits Your Needs in Cincinnati

1. Ask Around

Ask around your friends, family, and other trusted people to find out which agents are worth working with. Some people will tell you not to work with one agent, while others will have great things to say about another agent. Ask everyone you know (and hey, you can even reach out to us at (513) 813-6293 and ask for a recommendation from us!) Make a shortlist of agents.

2. Look Up The Agents

Go online and look up the real estate agents. Do they have a website? Do they have a Facebook page? Search their name in Google. Check out if they are active on their social profiles. If they are, it’s likely they are on top of the details. If not, you may be looking at a part-time agent who may not have the experience you need.

3. Check Out Their Credentials

Look at their website and Facebook pages. What does each say about them? What kind of ratings do they have? What testimonials are there? What awards have they won? Are they involved in the community? Do they seem like someone you would want to work with? Do they have any video content out there, so you can get a feel for their personality?

4. Review And Narrow

Review your findings and narrow down these agents to just a couple who look like they will be able to help you the best. It can be an overwhelming search unless you start to narrow it down.

5. Book An Appointment

Call your shortlist of agents to book an appointment and ask how they’d help you sell your house. Chances are, you’ll only need to meet one or two because you’ve done such a good job up to this point narrowing down the Cincinnati real estate agents!

6. Review the Brokerage

Not all brokerages are the same. Team Sztanyo works with Keller Williams because we believe in the core values of Keller Williams. Plus, Keller Williams is the #1 real estate company in the nation with the most units and volume sold.

7. Make A Choice

Finally, choose the agent who will help you the most based on all of this information… and then you can start the process of selling your house!

Note: this is a great way to find an agent but it can also take some time. You can always ask us for an agent referral to sidestep all of these steps; or, if you’d like to sell your house faster, why not give us a call at (513) 813-6293 and we’ll see if we can buy your house from you.


If selling seems like more trouble than you want to deal with yourself, an agent is there to help. But finding the right agent might also seem overwhelming. Hope this blog post about how to find the right real estate agent was able to give some insights.

Eric Sztanyo has been a Circle of Excellence award winner in Cincinnati for the past 2 years, placing him in the top 10% of sales volume for all Greater Cincinnati real estate agents. He cares about his clients, is attentive, and will negotiate strongly for your best interests. There’s a reason why Team Sztanyo has so many 5 star Google Reviews. 


At Team Sztanyo, we also buy houses! If you still want an offer from us, or if you want to meet an agent that we recommend,  call our team at (513) 813-6293

When it comes to selling your home, you have a number of options. You could work with an agent to list your house and they’ll try to find a buyer. Or you could list your house yourself and try to find a buyer. Or, you could work with a real estate investor who will buy your house from you directly… and fast.

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