Buying a House in Loveland OH – Team Sztanyo Testimonial

Buying a House in Loveland OH

We recently helped the Kruithof family who were looking for the perfect home for their growing family. We looked at several different locations, but ended up finding the right one in Loveland, OH. If you want to see the full story of Brent and Katie’s home search, check out our latest episode of Home Stories!

Watch below to see what Brent and Katie had to say about working with Eric as their Cincinnati real estate agent. And, if you are buying a house in Loveland OH or in the Cincinnati area, be sure to give Eric and Team Sztanyo a call!

Buying a House in Loveland OH - Team Sztanyo Testimonial

Working with Eric as Your Cincinnati Real Estate Agent – A Buyers Review


ERIC: So, Kruithofs, tell us a little bit about your experience buying your house and working with Eric as your real estate agent.

BRENT: Yeah. So, it was great because we knew Eric before purchasing our house and so getting together with Eric and having a business relationship with him has been great because we could relate on a personal level and we were very like minded.

One of the things I loved in working with Eric is that he is low pressure. So, he kind of let us do our thing. He asked if we wanted help searching for houses, and we kind of liked taking control of that part, and he let us have that. So, he was very low pressure, which was nice.

There was great communication. Always on top of things. Always responsible for getting the stuff done that he needed to get done and allowing us to lead where we wanted to lead. So, that was really great!

We both have a lot of things on our list and what we were looking for in a house, and there was a lot that related to us on a deeper, more spiritual level, which may sound weird when you are looking for a house, but Eric was right there with us able to talk through those things and pray through those things and relate to those things better than any realtor that we could have ever picked. 

KATIE: One of my favorite parts was that I am an external processor, and I thought Eric was always really helpful as we were walking through houses to ask, “what are you thinking?”. It was a good question for me as I was walking through a house and stop and force myself, “what am I feeling?”, because I can often feel like there was something unsettling, but what was that? Or, there’s something exciting me here, but I don’t always take the time to process and pinpoint what that was, and I thought it was really helpful.

Afterwards, I would look back at when we were in a room, and I think Eric always had a read on my face and realize, “something is going on in her head, and it would be helpful for her to know what it is.” Or, to figure out what it is. And, I really enjoyed that part of the process versus other realtors that we’ve used where I don’t think they were watching my face at all, much less trying to talk through what might be going on in my head or heart.

It was always wonderful when we went to look at a house to have a friendly face and to know that someone was really on our side and wanting what was best for us, not just caring about the sale. We looked at houses that were incredibly cheap and houses that were incredibly expensive, and I never felt any pressure one way or the other from Eric like he was vying for one house or the other. He just really wanted what was going to be best for us, and that was awesome.  

BRENT: Eric was good at giving us feedback and advice and support when we needed it, and letting us kind of hash things out between the two of us when we wanted to hash things out between the two of us.

He was also great at working around our schedule and when we needed to see a house, making himself available and flexible and when we needed to see a house, making plenty of time for us.

KATIE: Kid friendly! Kids, tikes, running around the houses, and it didn’t seem to put him off at all or put him on edge or anything, so that was important for us because they go wherever we go!

ERIC: So, I guess you guys would recommend working with Eric?

KATIE: Two thumbs up! Definitely, thank you!!


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