Affordable Condos by Ryan Homes on East Side of Cincinnati, OH

If you’re in the market for a new construction and affordable condos with a lot of nice amenities built into the price, you might want to check out Aspen Woods by Ryan Homes on the east side of Cincinnati. My name is Eric Sztanyo from Keller Williams Realty and team, where we are helping you find your home and strengthen your family. So now we are looking at affordable condos on the East side of Cincinnati. Recently, we did a video in Northern Kentucky around Alexandria, Kentucky at Arcadia. Be sure to check out that video . And today we’re back on the east side of town around the East gate area, looking at a Ryan homes affordable condos. Let’s check it out.

Affordable Condos by Ryan Homes on East Side of Cincinnati, OH

What Ryan Homes Can Offer – Aspen Woods Town Homes

Welcome to Aspen Woods town homes, featuring three story town homes with an attached garage at a great value in Cincy. It is in the west Claremont school district, which is a highly rated school district in the area. Conveniently located inside the I275 loop near route 32. You can enjoy a three bedroom town home with an attached garage by owning a new town home in Aspen woods. You’ll finally have a place to call your own. With three bedrooms and an open concept floor plans, you’ll have plenty of room to entertain friends and family. Ryan home’s unique townhomes offer additional options for storage, including an optional rec room on the lower level. At Aspen Woods, you won’t have to worry about routine maintenance because lawn care and snow removal is taken care of for you. Giving you more time to do the things you love most. Enjoy your morning coffee on your patio and take the dog out for a stroll to the community dog park with Clippers park and Cincinnati’s nature center nearby. You’ll appreciate the abundance of outdoor recreation right outside your door.

Ryan Homes offers a 10 year structural warranty, which gives you peace of mind that you won’t get with an older resale home. Starting from the low $200’s, you can own a brand new three bedroom affordable condos for as low as $1408 per month. Close proximity to Cincinnati makes commuting to work a breeze and quick access to all of the things you need. Enjoy plenty of dining and shopping less than five minutes away. Eastgate crossing offers plenty of options for dining. Whether you’re grabbing a drink with friends at Paradise pavilion at Jungle Gyms, or looking forward to a night out at Baker’s Lakeside pub. Getting back and forth has never been easier. Being right off of route 32 places. You near your favorite breweries too. 50 west burger bar, Mount Carmel brewing company and Big Ash brewing are all only a short drive away offering plenty of fun nights ahead.

Grocery shopping has never been easier being conveniently located near International Jungle Gyms market, Kroger and Walmart. Plus have some peace of mind knowing that the Eastgate animal hospital is right outside your neighborhood. Aspen Woods keeps you near route 50, offering access to target and more nearby attractions.

Mozart By Ryan Homes Tour

So let’s take a look at the Mozart D floor plan here by Ryan Homes and Aspen Woods. The Mozart floor plan features three bedrooms, an attached garage, concrete patio, and so much more. With three levels and a finished rec room. You’ll have plenty of space to entertain friends and family. Enjoy an updated kitchen with plenty of cabinet space, large kitchen island and included stainless steel appliances. With three bedrooms, two full baths and one half bath. The Mozart by Ryan homes comes in at 1,587 square feet. It has a one car garage and it’s gonna be right around $254,000.

Affordable Condos - Ryan Homes

So one of the things I will say about Ryan homes, whether it’s a single family home or one of these town homes that we’re in right now is you do get a lot for your money with them. Now, this community, when you’re driving in it, doesn’t have the nicest amenities we’re here kind of on a rainy day, they don’t have a clubhouse. They don’t have a pool, you know, with the HOA, you’re only getting lawn care and snow removal, which is nice. But it doesn’t give you high end amenities. You don’t have amazing views or anything like that like we did over at the Fisher homes community in Arcadia, but you do have a great location. You’re close to a lot of shopping here in Eastgate area. It’s easy to get downtown from here. And they do have a lot of included items in the purchase of the property itself. Like, you get all the kitchen appliances. They include a washer and dryer. So in terms of bang for your buck, Ryan Homes does a really good job. Like I said, both with the condominiums and with their single family homes.

The sales rep here mentioned that this area is kind of a mix between young professionals and maybe retirees who are looking to downsize a little bit. If you could see behind me, there’s this little dog park outside. It’s a fenced in area. But it’s nice if you have a dog and you’re single or you know, even if you’re not single, but you have a dog that’s, that’s really nice to have in your community to go on walks, to have a place to take your dog. So dog, pet lovers, this is a good place for you to be.

we always say that we believe home is where families go strong together. And that’s true. I’m back from this appointment kind of slotting this. But I just wanted to mention, you know, working with this client. There are a couple different places she could go, but it’s always a pleasure and fun for me to help understand what you’re looking for in a house. And in this particular case, we looked at a couple different condos for this client. The second one we looked at here with Ryan Holmes was not as many amenities, but it offered more square footage. It offered a little bit more for your dollar. And it was closer to her family member who she’s moving back into town from a different state from Utah, and she’s moving back to Cincinnati after 30 years of being away.

She asked me, in my opinion, after looking at both condos and there were advantages to each locations and each different affordable condos had their own specifics about them that were important. But I just found that it’s a real joy and pleasure of mine to help guide whether it’s buyers or sellers along in any real estate transaction. And I feel like my job as an agent is not say what I like better but help you discover what’s gonna be best for you. What’s gonna make the right home for you. And I often find, especially with buyers, you don’t know that until you kind of go through the process and you’re actually at the space. You can look at all the photos you want on the internet, but you don’t really know until you get a feel for the community and your top criteria kind of bubble up to the surface. And what matters to you the most, once you go through the process. So I just wanted to say I love doing that part. And the reason why we say that we’re here to help you find your home is because that’s what we do. We help you find your home and strengthen your family. And that means ask getting the right questions, listening attentively, and making sure you’re making the best decision for you.

We Help In Finding The Right Home For You

I hope this tour was helpful for you as you got a feel for Aspen Woods and the condominiums, new construction but affordable condos here built by Ryan Homes. We looked at the Mozart floor plan. And again, what you get here is a lot for your money with Ryan Homes. You get a lot that’s included in the base price. It’s a great location here on this side of town. Whether you’re looking for an affordable condos here on the East side of town or anywhere in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati area. I would love to help you out, whether that’s new construction or resale. Give us a call at team Sztanyo (513) 813-6293, or email me personally. I would love to help you out. Thank you guys so much. We’ll see you in the next one.

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