Homes For Sale in Mason, OH

Homes For Sale in Mason, OH

Mason, OH is a suburb on the northeast side of Cincinnati and is easily one of the most sought after locations for Greater Cincinnati homeowners for a variety of reasons. Homes for sale in Mason OH can be difficult to come by because the area has strong buyer demand. Mason has an overall A+ grade from, which includes the following ratings:

  • Public Schools – A+
  • Housing – A
  • Good for Families – A+
  • Crime & Safety – B+
  • Nightlife – B
  • Diversity – B

Top schools, a strong economy providing many jobs, and fun amenities such as Kings Island are all reasons why homebuyers want to live in Mason, OH. 

Below is an active sampling of homes for sale in Mason, OH. If you are looking to buy a home in Mason, give us a call today at Team Sztanyo!

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5 Reasons to Live in Mason, OH | Best Neighborhoods in Cincinnati, Ohio

5 Reasons to Live in Mason, OH | One of the Best Neighborhoods in Cincinnati, Ohio


The year was 1997. The place was Kings Island, Mason, Ohio, Math and Science Day field trip and 15 year old, Eric Sztanyo, who was scared to death of going on rollercoasters was invited to go on The Vortex with a huge crush of mine, Jessica Sherman. It was a magical day. It was a magical moment. And hey, that’s what we’re going to talk about in this video is all the different magical moments you could have by living in Mason, Ohio.

All right, guys. Welcome back! This is Eric Sztanyo from Keller Williams Realty and Team I’m a real estate agent licensed in KY and OH and serving Mason, OH. I’m not going to go into all the details of that glorious day and that terrifying ride down The Vortex, which no longer exists at King’s Island. Very sad. But, I am going to give you five reasons why Mason, Ohio is an awesome place to live.

We’re going to go through them one by one here. If this video is helpful for you, and if you’re looking for any kind of real estate in the greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky area, make sure you like this video. Please subscribe, comment down below. Tell me your favorite King’s Island moment of all time, if you have one.

This video is definitely for people who are from the Cincinnati area, who might be looking to move to Mason, or if you’re from out of town and you’re looking at the different neighborhoods in Cincinnati, you want to know what are some of the top neighborhoods and what are some of the top cities around Cincinnati? That’s what we’re going to go through. And I’ve got five reasons why Mason really is a great place to live. So, let’s, let’s jump into them! Ranks Mason, OH a Best Place to Live

So in case you didn’t know, ranked Mason, Ohio, the 21st best place to live in all of America, uh, in 2020. So what is it about Mason, Ohio that makes it such a great place to live? And, why may you soon be looking for homes for sale in Mason OH and the Ohio BMV guidelines? Let’s find out!

Why Live in Mason, OH – #1 It’s Fun!

The first reason I would say is Mason, Ohio is a ton of fun! Of all the different places you could live in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, Mason is like the giant playground. It’s awesome. Most people might know about King’s Island. But, here are some other facts. says, “the Southwestern Ohio city is famous for fun. The 364 acre Kings Island amusement park is the largest in the Midwest and boasts the world’s longest wooden roller coaster.” That’s the beast. You gotta do it. It’s gonna, it’s going to rattle you a little bit cause it’s wood, but Hey, it’s the longest wooden roller coaster in the world. So yeah, Kings Island is a ton of fun.

I’ve got so many amazing memories, uh, of going to Kings Island as a kid and as a kid, uh, it was how I knew about Mason, Ohio, and why I wanted to go there. I grew up in Florence, Kentucky went to Boone County high school. Rollercoasters like this one, the Orion that’s coming are part of what makes Kings Island great. My heart is racing just watching this computer video of it. Super fun!

Orion Kings Island's tallest, fastest, and longest steel coaster

And that’s not the only place for fun. The other thing you have a in Mason, Ohio is the Western and Southern Open tennis tournament. It’s a tennis tournament for the ATP played by men and women every year. You’ve got Federer coming in and Serena Williams and it’s a great local drw. It’s really fun because Cincinnati has kind of this more laid back atmosphere. So all the professional tennis players really enjoy coming to play in Mason because there’s not as much press as if they were at New York or the French Open. They love the Cincinnati venue because it’s a little bit more laid back and enjoyable for them. So that’s another huge fun area of Mason.

The other thing you have right next to King’s Island is Great Wolf Lodge, which these kind of indoor waterparks spring up all across the country. But, this indoor waterpark that, when the winter gets a little bit colder in the Cincinnati area and you can’t play outdoors now, of course, you might want to know how to still play! There are Covid considerations, but they’re still open for business and you can go in and still have a blast at this indoor water park.

I took my, I took my kids there last year. We had an absolutely amazing time. We did the sleep over there. They have story time for the kids. It was just so much fun, so much fun!

So that is number one of why, number one reason why you should consider moving to Mason, Ohio. It’s a great place to live. And, it’s a ton of fun. And I didn’t even talk about the different parks that the city has, but there’s so many good things to do.

Why Live in Mason, OH – #2 Jobs

Okay. So number two. The second reason why you might want to consider, Mason, Ohio are the jobs. It’s a great place for jobs. And when jobs are strong, then there is going to be high demand of homes for sale in Mason, OH.

I’m going back to this article, and it says, “serious employment opportunities exist in the city of 34,000 Mason houses, Procter and Gamble is the largest research and development center, which reopened after renovations last year and employs 3000 people. COVID related demand for cleaning products may be why Mason seems to be weathering the 2020 recession better than some other places and why the median household income is over $106,000.

Now, I don’t know where you live right now. That might not seem like a lot if you live in California or New York, but, (check out our cost of living video that we did on Cincinnati) in Cincinnati, $106,000 goes a long way.

Popping over here to this, article right here, saying that P&G unveils its largest research and development center in the world. It’s in Mason, Ohio. So, “Procter and Gamble unveiled on Wednesday, it’s new and improved and much larger Mason business center. Now home based to 2,800 P&G workers, a building, it is the company’s largest research and development center in the world, surpassing a Singapore, R&D facility P&G spent $400 million to expand the center.” That’s great.

jobs in Mason, OH - P&G's largest R&D facility brings jobs to Mason's economy

P&G is not the only large company in Mason, Ohio. You also have Cintas and Luxottica. It’s a very vibrant economy. There are a lot of different businesses there, but obviously P& G is one of the largest businesses in the world. It has opened up their largest R& D facility. So you’ve got all these great jobs.

And if you’re looking for real estate or homes for sale in Mason, OH, then you have to consider the economy. If you’re looking for locations to live and cities to live, one of the things that should be driving that decision are the amount of jobs. You know, the phrase in real estate, which is “location, location, location”. You need to know, are there jobs happening in that city and in Mason, Ohio? The answer is yes. And so, you can feel good as a buyer knowing that if the economy is strong and if jobs are coming into the market, and if population growth is rising, those are all great variables for your home investment.

We’re going to talk about appreciation in the last bullet point, but let’s recap. If you move to Mason, Ohio, not only can you have a bunch of fun playing at King’s Island and golfing and going to the Western Southern Open and all that fun stuff, but you also know that there’s a lot of good jobs and huge companies like P&G are driving not only the jobs for their business, but also the spillover of jobs out over the entire community. The economy is boosted by such a powerful and strong business in the community.

Why Live in Mason, OH – #3 Top Rated Schools

Okay. Number three! The third reason why you might want to consider Mason, Ohio is the top rated schools. So, within all the Cincinnati market, there are some neighborhoods that have really good school districts. If you look in Kentucky, you’re talking about Fort Thomas Schools and you can check out our videos we’ve done on Fort Thomas. Beechwood schools are also a really strongly rated school district in Northern Kentucky, but in Ohio, one of the best rated school districts is the Mason School District.

Anderson Township is another really strong school district, but if you look down here on, it gives Mason, Ohio, an overall A+ niche grade in terms of a place to live in Warren County. By the way, I don’t think I’ve said it yet, but Mason is located on the North East side of Cincinnati. It is in between I-71, which shoots up to, Columbus and I-75, which is going to go a little bit North West up towards Toledo and into Michigan. Mason is sitting right in between those two major interstates on the Northeast side of the city. So the public schools are rated A. The site has a ton of great information about the median home value and best places to live rankings, crime and safety.

mason schools rates A+ on - homes for sale in mason ohio

We’ll talk about that in just a second. And here we are with the top public schools serving Mason. So William Mason High School with an A+ grading from Mason, middle schools have an A+ rating. Mason Intermediate Elementary School with an A+rating. Western Rowe Elementary is rated A-plus. And Kings Mills is an A. So you could see all of the different schools here, and where they’re ranked, but it’s an excellent, A+ plus rated school district.

When you’re looking at a neighborhood to live in, it’s important, not only to have great schools for your kids. You want your kids to have a great education, but again, if you’re thinking about home value for you, and if you’re thinking about buying a house and the amount of money that goes into the investment of buying a house, the schools matter. You want to choose a neighborhood that’s going to be strong, and you’re going to see a good return on that investment. And so having a top school district, even if you don’t have kids, a top school district might be a community you want to consider. Because again, besides the jobs and besides the fun, top rated schools are going to be another reason why more people are going to be driven to that community.

Therefore, having a top rated school district, is helpful, not only if you have kids and you want them to have a great education, but it’s important if you want your home value to appreciate over time. So, that’s number three.

Why Live in Mason, OH – #4 Safety & Diversity

To recap the reasons why Mason homes for sale are in such demand, we’ve got number one, fun, number two, jobs and number three, top rated schools. The fourth reason is going to be the safety and diversity of the community.

Mason is rated B plus in terms of violent crimes. And you can look at the different numbers here in terms of burglary theft, assault, and where they rank nationally. You can see that in Mason, the crime numbers are much, much, much, much, much lower than the national numbers, which is why it has such a highly graded crime and safety rating from

The residents have a B plus in terms of diversity. It’s not very high on African-American or Hispanic. The demographics are mostly white, 80% white, but what, what you do see in Mason is a higher one of the higher Asian demographics inside of Cincinnati. So there’s a little bit of that diversity coming into play. It’s not a super diverse neighborhood. It’s not the most diverse, but in terms of Cincinnati, it is one of the more racially diverse neighborhoods that you have. So safety and diversity, are the fourth reason why you might want to consider Mason, Ohio.

Why Live in Mason, OH – #5 Appreciation

The last reason you might wanna consider looking at homes for sale in Mason, Ohio is the appreciation of home values. All of these things, we’ve talked about: the fun, the jobs, population growth, safety, and diversity are factors for appreciation. When you have a good place to live, homes may go up in value.

This is on the top five factors that make property prices appreciate. Again, going back to thinking about your money and investment into a house. It’s not only a place you’re living, but oftentimes, your housing choice is your biggest investment.

And so, you want to choose a location where you’re going to get a good return for your dollar. What are the factors that cause property prices to appreciate? Number one is demand and supply. Number two, fiscal inflation. Number three, the cost of borrowing. Four, the property market drivers and five, the population growth.

cost of homes in mason, oh - appreciation of homes in Mason, Cincinnati suburb

We’ve talked a lot about these things, but when the biggest reason is probably supply and demand. And when there’s increased demand, more people want to live in an area, but the supply is limited. That means there’s limited housing on the market. And, it’s basic economics 101. When you have high demand and low supply, prices go up. That’s the simple rule of supply and demand. And you can see how that has had an impact of the pricing of homes for sale in Mason OH.

I’m going to actually create a whole other video showing you what’s happened in the last two years and the market statistics straight from the Cincinnati MLS that show what has happened in terms of supply and demand and in terms of the amount of inventory that’s on the market. When it comes to homes for sale in Mason, OH, you’ll see how supply and demand have impacted price. You’ll see what has happened to the median home value price over the last two years in Mason, Ohio.

The other factors beyond supply and demand are fiscal inflation, which is more of an external component. But when the government keeps printing out, stimulus checks to everyone in the country, you’re going to see inflation. You’re going to see a rise in appreciation of the home prices.

The cost of borrowing, which interest rates continue to be low. The Fed has stated they want to keep interest rates low, which leads to more buying and prices going up. Property market drivers, such as business, the arrival of shopping malls, zoning regulations, public transport infrastructure. So things like P&G’s R&D facility that’s going in make a difference. A large infrastructure project like that, where businesses are investing in the area, these are market drivers that are going to help the home values appreciate in the long-term, and that’s going to lead to population growth. And again, that comes back to supply and demand.

Conclusion – Mason, OH is a Great Place to Live!

Okay. So there you have it. Five reasons why Mason, Ohio is a great place to live. Whether you’re in the Cincinnati area right now, and you’re thinking of moving, or you’re out of state, we can help. Maybe you’ve been maybe living on the coast or places where taxes are higher, or maybe you’re not getting as much for your dollar in terms of rent. And you’re thinking, “Hey, I want to move back to the Midwest. I’m looking at different cities in the Midwest”. Well, if you were considering Cincinnati, certainly Mason, Ohio is a top neighborhood to consider. And, we would love to help you on your search of homes for sale in Mason OH.

And maybe, just maybe one day you or your kid could have an experience like I had on the Vortex at Kings Island where my heart was racing and I was scared to death, but I went down the rollercoaster with the girl of my dreams. I rode the Vortex with a girl that I was infatuated with as a 15 year old kid of Boone County high school. And it. Was. Awesome.

All right, guys, that’s all I got. If you liked this video, please like and subscribe to the channel. We’re going to be bringing you so much more Cincinnati real estate content this year. It’s my goal is to just really kind of give my viewers a good look at what’s happening in the Cincinnati real estate market. And, we’d love to have you guys come on board and follow this channel. If you wouldn’t mind, leave comment below. You might have to tell us why you might be considering Mason, Ohio, or if you’re local, tell us your, your favorite memory at Kings Island. All right, guys. Thanks so much for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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