Living in Fort Thomas, Kentucky

Are you looking for the BEST neighborhoods to live in Northern Kentucky? If so, you have got to check out Fort Thomas, Kentucky. This area has so much to offer, from its location to the top rated school, you really cannot go wrong living in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.

Living in Fort Thomas, KY - Best Northern Kentucky Neighborhoods

Why Fort Thomas?

If you’re looking for the best neighborhoods in Northern Kentucky you should definitely consider Fort Thomas, Kentucky.One of the main reasons that this area is in such high demand is the top rated schools. Some of the amazing schools located in this district would include Moyer Elementary, Johnson, Woodville, and Fort Thomas Middle and High School. All Fort Thomas independent schools are consistently ranked at the top of all of Kentucky’s schools, not just the Northern Kentucky area. Along with this, the area is nestled into a quaint, quiet area that is only 15 minutes from Downtown Cincinnati.

Not only are their academics top rated, but they also have a fantastic sports program. The Highlands High School football team, as well as their other sports programs, have had excellent results. They have gone on to win several state champions as in many categories. Recently, they have built the Highlands Field House which is an indoor sports complex. This area is for a plethora of activities such as band practice, team weight lifting, or just to simply get some exercise. This multi-use complex is a great benefit of living in the Fort Thomas area.

Finding a Home in Fort Thomas, KY

Because of the location and the amazing schools, houses in Fort Thomas, KY can be hard to come by. Property values in the area reflect the proximity to downtown as well as the top ranked schools. People are always trying to get into the neighborhood, this causes houses to be scarce. In fact, one of the running jokes in Northern Kentucky is that the only way you’re able to get into Fort Thomas is if you’re buying a home that is off market. And, there is some truth to this, it can be really challenging to get into this neighborhood. Being only a few minutes away from downtown offers great access to anywhere in the city. However, Fort Thomas is also secluded by the Ohio River giving it a Mayberry feel.

Another characteristic you’ll find in this neighborhood is that it’s one of the most walkable neighborhoods in all of Northern Kentucky. If you live in this neighborhood, you will likely be able to access most of the neighborhood on foot. From the schools to the bars, nothing will be very far away.

Because of this, there is no busing in the district. Since the neighborhood is of closed off geographically, and most things are accessible by foot, there are no busses. In this tight knit community, it is extremely common to see children walking home from school or a family enjoying a evening stroll! The area is very safe and extremely family friendly.

All This Neighborhood has to Offer!


One of the mant great benefits of living in Fort Thomas is all of the beautiful parks! There are several beautiful parks which are great areas for children and adults alike. All of the parks here are beautifully maintained and have so much more than just playgrounds. There are also several cerene walking trails and large pavilions throughout the parks. Not to mention, there is also a completely fenced in dog park that your furbaby will absolutely love!


Aside from the great outdoor features, Fort Thomas also has a central business district. One of the trademarks of the Fort Thomas Business District is the Fort Thomas Convenience and Deli Mart. This quaint conviennent store is where you will find yourself stopping if you are out of milk or need a carton of eggs on the way home. Along with this, you will often see kids stopping here on their way home from school to grab a snack and congregate. While most of your shopping will likely be done about 7 minutes away in the Newport Pavilion, this tiny shop comes in so handy!

Besides the convenience store, there are several small business lining the streets of the central business district of Fort Thomas. From spice shops to a specialized knitting store, this area is full of small, locally owned businesses. However, this may be changing very soon.

One of the biggest developments in Fort Thomas, Kentucky are some new luxury condos that are currently being built. As this is otherwise a small town, this was certainly a point of contention amongst the citizens of the town. While some of the people in the area are excited about the new development and all of the new business it will bring to the area, others are upset by the change. These new, luxury condominiums will be located right at the heart of the city, on the corner of Norther Ft. Thomas, South Ft. Thomas, and Highland Ave.


So, my personal favorite area is the Fort Thomas Midway District. This is where you would come if you wanted to get a bite to eat or grab a drink with friends. There are several great restaurants right here in town that most people in the area can walk to from their homes. This area is also home to a VA hospital and a few other businesses.

The great part is, while you would never need to leave the area unless you wanted to, you can also get to all of the Downtown Cincinnati restaurants in about 15 minutes. This gives you access to dozens of restaurants, bars, and shops.

How much does it cost to live in Fort Thomas?

If you are from the Northern Kentucky area, you may be aware that Ft. Thomas is usually known to be more upper class or the “rich” area. While I will not deny that there are some VERY expensive homes in this area, there are also several affordable homes and apartment buildings. The cost of living in Fort Thomas is actually lower than other cities such as Union.

This means that all of the great assets of living in Fort Thomas are accessible to people of several different incomes. Whether you are a renter, a first time home buyer, or someone looking for their forever home, you can afford to live in this area.

So, if you are looking for a great place to live in Northern Kentucky, you should check out Fort Thomas today! Give team Sztanyo a call at (513) 813-6293.

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