5 Ways to Use Social Media to Help You Sell Your House Fast in Greater Cincinnati

The key to getting the price you want for your home is generating as much interest as possible to increase enthusiasm, drum up offers, and create a bidding war amongst buyers. Let’s go over some spectacular methods to accomplish this goal with 5 ways to use social media to help you sell your house fast in Greater Cincinnati. Selling a house can be very challenging, especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in overwhelming consequences to our lives in countless ways and has changed how we live our lives from how we work to how we socialize and travel. Everything is being done online nowadays due to the health protocols. So how are you going to sell your house online or on social media in Greater Cincinnati? Typically, you would look up an agent from yellow pages. However, there are now a ton of options with the use of the internet. Whether you decide to list the property with a broker or try to sell the house yourself, finding information on how to list and market your property usually starts with a search online or on social media. Here are 5 ways to use social media to help you sell your house fast!

Ways to Use Social Media to Help You Sell Your House- Social Media

Construct a Pitch Post

This entire journey begins with you and your agent carefully building a concise and effective summary of your listing that will grab anyone’s attention without being desperate or tacky. 

Highlighting the strengths of your property is an absolute must, but focusing on using upbeat language will further promote a positive interest from potential buyers. The last step is to be sure to use optimized keywords, such as “Greater Cincinnati homes,” “for sale home,” or “available Greater Cincinnati property.” 

Putting in the extra bit of effort here will make everything much easier down the road, and allow for this one post to handle the heavy lifting on all social media networks.

Leverage Local Groups

Most social media networks include some type of groups or forums where you can share information with other users to which you are not already directly connected. 

This is a prime opportunity to shove your listing out into the wild and hit a whole new audience that otherwise may have never seen your listing. Marketing your for sale property is all about saturating the market with your listing as much as possible. 

Here’s an example of a local group on Facebook that would help your home get eyeballs from potential buyers. Now, be careful because if you are selling FSBO, you’ll probably also attract Realtor eyeballs who will call you to get your listing.

Cincinnati facebook group to sell your house

The more people that see your listing, the more opportunities for buyers to want to come see your home and for you to sell your house fast in Greater Cincinnati.

Branch out

Most sellers these days will let their agent handle everything, and this leaves out a portion of the buyers who would fail to see your listing due to one reason or another. 

If you’re looking to hit as many targets as you can, that means sharing your carefully cultivated post on not one social media network, but every single one you regularly utilize. By doing this, you’re more likely to get your post out to different groups of people, and that creates more interest.

Video Tour

Something that has become much more popular over the last few years is a 3D or virtual tour. 

With very little monetary and time investment, you can create a simple and efficient video tour of your property that helps anyone perusing the listings better understand the layout and size of your home. Uploading this video to popular video sharing sites also allows you to provide a link straight to your listing. 

If you have opted to retain the services of a qualified and experienced real estate agent, be sure to include their contact information within the video. On the other hand, most agents these days will likely be able to handle the entire video project themselves.

Recruit Some Help

The final piece of the real estate social media network marketing puzzle is to politely ask any appropriate family, friends, and co-workers to share your post. 

As we’ve stated before, the more mobility your post has, the more people see it, and the more interested parties will come knocking. Give yourself the advantage of blasting your post out to everyone you know, and beyond to the people your friends know. 

In this current market where the supply is so low, it shouldn’t be that difficult for you to find a buyer. That said, there are still a lot of reasons why you may want to use a Realtor. Real estate agents know the market better than you and will be able to hone in on the pricing in a way that may make you more money. Plus, they handle all of the headaches of communication and paperwork. Sometimes, that in and of itself is enough to pay the commission.

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Professional Social Media Help to Sell Your House Fast in Greater Cincinnati

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