Tiny Homes For Sale In Ohio – Maverick Tiny Homes at Homearama 2021

Maybe you’re not in the market for a larger home. Maybe you’re looking for custom tiny homes for sale in Ohio. That’s what we’re going to look at today. My name is Eric Sztanyo from Keller Williams Realty and team Sztanyo.com. We are here at Homearama 2021 here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Looking at the latest designs from the custom home builders in the area. But we’re also looking at these tiny homes for sale in Ohio.

What Is Maverick Tiny Homes?

Maverick tiny homes is an elite tiny house company located in new Paris, Ohio. We specialize in turnkey, tiny homes with contemporary farmhouse flair for personal residences and commercial builds. Maverick serves to propel the tiny house movement through advocacy within our communities. A full spectrum of products and the best resources, tools, and education for our clients. And Maverick means an individual who thinks and acts differently and a non-conformist, a free spirit. And that’s definitely what these tiny homes for sale in Ohio are. Maverick homes company is built on a lifelong friendship, more than 20 years of experience and many bold decisions. Together, they form a team with a variety of strengths that their business thrives upon. Leadership in their communities, craftsmanship and woodworking, business ownership and management, interior design, multi-material framing and finishes, innovation and creating functional spaces and advocacy for change.

We’re proud to construct the highest caliber products and experiences for our customers, who quickly become part of the Maverick family. From the brainstorming and design phases, all the way to the delivery and moving days, we’re dedicated to bringing your tiny home dreams to life. While you’re touring at Homearama. Don’t miss out on one of the hottest trends, tiny homes take a much shorter tour of this miniature modern farmhouse from Maverick tiny homes. Though tiny, this home was constructed with the highest caliber products measuring 28 feet by eight feet, It has all the essentials, including a loft bedroom while still showcasing contemporary farmhouse flair. Get a glimpse at minimalism up close and personal and see just how stylish small can be. The Maverick tiny home will be available to visit every day of Homaromma said don’t miss it.

The Maverick is a 26 foot tiny home on wheels with a base price starting at $89,000. Here’s a look at the standard features and finishes. It’s a custom tiny home on wheels, a trailer foundation, wood framing foam floor insulation, cellulose wall, LP smart sideboard and Batten siding, shaker shingles, horizon lock 26 gauge metal standing seam roof, vinyl insulated windows. It has pine shiplap walls, Poplar trim Cortech pro galaxy flooring, custom cabinetry, two-person bar seating, butcher block countertop, traditional flush toilet, a standing shower full-size appliances, electric oven and stove. gas instant water heater, mini-split HVAC, full-size residential stairs for easy loft access. Stairs include flip-up storage treads, 2 hanging storage closets in the loft and NOAA tiny house inspected and certified.

Optional upgrades include a fiberglass entry door, built-in Tokic drawers, solid surface countertop, full tile tub surround, gas oven stove, microwave, dishwasher, built-in electric fireplace in mantel, all in one washer dryer, built in stair storage. Two skylights, composting toilet, retractable, three-blade ceiling fan.

Maverick homes is happy to incorporate individual requests and other customized features. You just got to let them know.

Here we are in the tiny home. What’s fun about this is everyone who’s coming through here is like “could you do this? Could you see yourself living in this place?” I don’t know. This is a decent-sized kitchen, it’s a decent-sized bath? But what’s funny as you go through here, they’ve got the bathroom locked off and they also have the bedroom locked off. So you can’t kind of see yourself hitting your head on the ceiling. But Hey! This is an option. This is a legit option. A lot of people are choosing tiny homes for sale in Ohio because for first-time home buyers, it’s a challenge. No builders are building products for that first-time homebuyer of like 200,000 or less, because the demand is so high across the country for all kinds of real estate. Builders are building. They’re trying to keep up with that demand, but they’re building everything. That’s like$ 250,000 $300,000 $400,000 up.

Tiny Homes For Sale In Ohio - Bedroom

So the tiny home is a legit option. Not only for minimalists and people who can live with smaller spaces. But for people with a tighter budget or people are just wanting to not pay as much for a house payment. It makes a lot of sense.

Team Sztanyo Is Your Guide To Tiny Home Living!

So that’s the tiny home by Maverick. What about you? Would you do it? Would you do a custom, tiny home? Leave a comment below? Let us know if that’s something you’re looking into or something you would consider living in?

Thank you till next time!

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