The Pre Drywall Inspection – An Inside Look at a Fischer Homes New Build

So you’ve bought a new construction house and you’ve picked all your selections, but you’ve got all these months between buying the house and closing on the house. Well, today we’re looking at the pre drywall inspection where you actually get to walk through the property and see it come to life. My name is Eric. Sztanyo from Keller Williams Realty and team, where we are helping you find your home and strengthen your family. I’m here outside on a cold February morning. We are in the valley Shannon neighborhood here in Union, Kentucky, which is centrally located. A lot of growth going on here. Check out our previous video. We’ve done on Valley Shannon versus Triple Crown. If you wanna get a feel for some of the new homes. And it’s fun as you look around, cuz there’s a lot of new construction going on and you can see the neighborhood kind of springing up into life. And today what we’re doing is the pre drywall inspection for one of you, one of my clients who’s buying a Fisher homes here in Union.

So we get to walk through the house, see everything where the studs are built, where the outlets are, where the plumbing is, where the electric is. You get to actually get a feel for the house that you’ve purchased instead of just seeing it online and through drawings. And you get to ask all the questions you want to ask to the Fisher rep. So whether it’s Fisher or Drees or Maronda or MI homes, or even a custom builder. Most builders are gonna have this part of the process or a pre drywall inspection. It’s a great time for you to actually get a feel for the house. It starts to feel more like your own. And you can ask any question you want and start to lay out, how are you gonna lay out your for furniture and do some measurements, things like that, where it becomes more real and kind of jumps off the paper and is more tangible.

The Pre Drywall Inspection - An Inside Look at a Fischer Homes New Build

What to Expect When You Do A Pre Drywall Inspection

We said this before, but I’ll say it again. If you’re buying new construction, it strongly recommend that you get a buyer’s agent to represent you in the process. Most builders are gonna have the cost, the commission of a buyer’s agent built into their proforma and their expenses already. You don’t have to pay for it at all, but you get the extra opportunity of an agent to walk through with you not only buying the house, but all through the process. Ask questions that you might not think to ask and represent you throughout the entire process. So, and it doesn’t cost you a thing. So make sure you get a buyer’s agent before you go to that model home. Before you go talking to all the different builders. Get an agent, whether it’s me or anyone else, get an agent on your side to help you walk through the process of buying a new construction house. Today, we get to walk through this house with rich who’s on the construction team here at Fisher. Ask any questions we want, let’s go check it out.

Pre Drywall Inspection - New Construction house


What are we doing here today?


Today we did the pre drywall inspection meetings where we walked the customer through the home that they can get a feel of kind of how the home feels for the first time. See everything pre dry wall. They can see studs whether it’s empty areas in between walls, sometimes there’s little crooks and crevices. They like to see some again, studs so they can see where they want to hang things, how they hang things, things like that.


Yeah. So it’s really like it’s the first time. They’ve seen all the drawings. They’ve seen all the renditions online, but now you actually get to walk through it for the first time. So what do you think are customer’s common responses or most important takeaways?


They get a good feeling on the actual feeling of the home. So they get a good feeling on how each room feels. Cuz a lot of times the customers hasn’t or haven’t been in a home yet. So, or at least this home or their floor plan with their selections , I guess. So they really getting a good feel on how each room feels. I think that’s probably the biggest thing.


Yeah. So they start to visualize furniture, like how to move stuff in, just getting to feel. What are some of the common questions you get a lot from customers at this point?


A lot of things that people wanna know are where outlets are, where plumbing are inside the walls, they wanna know dimensions of rooms. Again, they’re getting a good feeling. So they’re trying to measure things out and see all. “Is my bed gonna fit here? Is my couch gonna fit here?” I think that’s probably the biggest thing and they wanna know the layout of cabinetry and things like that.

Pre drywall inspection - get a feel of the new home


Well, it’s cool too. I mean, cuz you’ve gone through your selections, but you pointed out a few things in the pre drywall inspection tour, like on the entryway, there’s a spot where they could knock out and put a shelf there if they wanted. So if they didn’t do that in their selection, they could later. So it was cool to get those insights from you.


Yeah. And this is something I’ve seen quite a bit insights I would say. I wouldn’t really consider have to be like a Fisher thing. Yeah. like, Hey, in particular, this is something I I’ve seen quite a bit. You can take this out, down the road if you wanted to. And this is a perfect spot instead of using it as a bypass closet, you can use it as a bench in your mud room.


So after you go through this process and customers happy. What are the next steps in terms of heading towards closing?


So after this, the customer continues to get emails from me, weekly updates from me saying, “Hey, this is what’s going on in the home. After this is your, is the walkthrough of the home.” So it goes from this to pretty much a finished home. We’ll call it a 99% finish home. At the walkthrough, at that point, we show you all of basically how to operate. the how to work the house. All the bells and whistles of the home, how to maintain the house. And really just give you a good understanding of the house itself.


And you even mentioned from that from this point until then, you guys are sending photos and updates and if they wanna walk through the house and look at updates along the way they can do that as well?


Yeah. Yeah. You just gotta get with somebody at Fisher that way we can walk through with you or if you have any questions or wanna see something in between now and then we can always arrange something.


Awesome. Well, thanks so much for your time. I appreciate your expertise.

Pre drywall inspection- Team Sztanyo

Help in Buying New Construction Homes

So that’s it. We got to walk through the house, ask questions, see what it feels like to be inside of the house. Look at the studs and the drywall, it’s about to be put on. I hope this was helpful for you as you’re kind of thinking about, do I want to do new construction or not? It’s a very exciting part of the process. As you’re beyond just the foundation, the walls, the exterior is mostly done. The roof is on. And you’re like this thing’s actually coming to life. So it’s a very fun part of the process. I hope you guys enjoyed this, getting to look inside the process of what it looks like to buy a new construction house. If you’re thinking of new construction in 2022, give us a call at team Sztanyo, would love to help you out. Pointing you to different areas, whether that’s in Northern Kentucky or the Cincinnati area, talk through different builders with you and just help you throughout the process. You can email me directly at Thank you guys so much.

Please like if it was helpful to you, please subscribe to the channel. We’ve got lots more content coming for you guys. Planned this year. We know it’s helpful for you. So we’re gonna just keep trying to build stuff that’s helpful for you and whether you’re looking to buy or sell a house in the Cincinnati area. Thank you guys so much . Thank you for being a part of the team Stanyo clanyo, and we’ll see you next time.

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