Team Sztanyo Gives Support During COVID-19

Hey everyone, Team Sztanyo here! As we all know, times are crazy right now. COVID-19 has placed all of Kentucky and Ohio into a mandatory shelter in place order. While we know that these times have been extremely challenging for so many people, we wanted to reach out and let EVERYONE know that they are not alone and that we are praying for things to return to normal as soon as possible.

We know that times have been tough for so many families so Team Sztanyo Gives Support During COVID-19 by launching a contest to help support our clients and local businesses. We have picked three lucky winners who have received a $50 gift card to a local business of their choice. How exciting?! We want to thank all of our clients who participated in the contest, and we hope everyone is staying safe out there.

Team Sztanyo - Meal Planyo

Our Client Winners and Businesses They Supported

Our first winner, Emily, chose a gift card to Handzy – Shop + Studio. She got a dress that she had been wanting for weeks! Our second winner, Brian, chose to receive a gift card to Nittha Siam Kitchen. This one was extra special as Brian received his gift card on his birthday. Their family turned it into a “dress up” night and not only celebrated his birthday but also all of the milestone events his children have missed because of COVID-19. Our third winner simply asked for a gift card to Kroger to help out with groceries. We are so glad that we were able to brighten our client’s day as well as support some of our local businesses. Again, thank you to everyone who participated in Team Sztanyo Meal Planyo giveaway, we appreciate you SO much!

Team Sztanyo Gives Support During COVID-19

Real Estate During COVID-19

Many clients have been asking us, “what is happening with real estate during the COVID-19 pandemic”. For now, real estate has been deemed an essential service by the governors of Ohio and Kentucky, and Team Sztanyo has been continuing to help families find their way home. While there has been a pullback of sorts from buyers and sellers, we are still finding that the demand from buyers is still outpacing the supply of inventory on the market. In fact, we just listed a home yesterday, and it was under contract in about 5 hours!!!

Be sure to check out our youtube channel and watch our latest video, as we continue to put out updates about the current market conditions. Our latest video primarily covers real estate and the extra safety precautions that are being taken during this time. We want everyone to know that, YES, real estate is still happening and people are still buying and selling houses during the COVID-19 pandemic. It actually may be a great time to list considering there is still extremely high demand for homes in both Northern Kentucky and in Cincinnati. As of now, we are most definitely still in a seller’s market. Contact us to learn more about how to buy or sell a home safely in Cincinnati or Northern KY during COVID-19.

Team Sztanyo had so much fun with this contest!! We are so happy that we were able to give back to our clients and also help some local businesses. Keep an eye out for a chance to enter our next giveaway! 🙂



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