Selling a Covington KY Home – Testimonial for Team Sztanyo

Selling a Covington KY Home in Mainstrasse Village

Morgan had bought a property in Mainstrasse Village several years ago, lived in it as a single man, but since then has become married with a young family. It was time for the landlord life to end! While the home was on the market a few years earlier, it didn’t sell.

We came in and gave Morgan some advice on how to get the home ready to list, and he followed our instructions to a tee. We also reviewed the recent comparable home sales in the area and came up with a competitive pricing strategy that would help him make a good bit of money on the sell, but also get it sold quick! This was a top priority since he did not want a long drawn out sale with lots of items to do. As a father of four young children and one on the way, I can totally relate!

Within just a few days, we had dozens of showings and multiple offers. We ended up accepting a cash offer, so this home closed in just a few weeks! See what Morgan had to say about the experience of working with Eric and Team Sztanyo.

Selling a Mainstrasse Village Home in Covington, KY - Team Sztanyo Testimonial


ERIC: Congratulations! Tell us a little bit about selling your house and how it went

MORGAN: Selling the house was really easy. It went really quickly. We did a quick walkthrough and got some pretty accurate numbers on what we thought the house would close at. And, we got really close to that amount really quickly, so it worked out really well. I would recommend working with Eric. It was great!

ERIC: Thanks!

Motivation for Selling Your NKY Home

Every sale is unique because every seller has their own motivation for why they want to sell their home. In this case, the home had served its useful purpose both as a bachelor pad and a longer term rental. But with a young family and multiple responsibilities, it was time for this seller to move on from being a landlord of this property.

We commend Morgan for being smart about the market and selling after there had been several years of appreciation, especially in the area of Mainstrasse Village. Good for him!

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If you are thinking of selling your NKY home, your motivation may be completely different. Maybe you have recently had a job change and you need to move away from NKY. Maybe you are facing some difficult financial problems and could use the equity that has built up in your property. Maybe the kids have moved out of the house, and you are ready to downsize to a condo and live in a more walkable community like Mainstrasse Village. I know I wouldn’t mind walking to Goodfellas every now and then.

No matter what your motivation, at Team Sztanyo, we pride ourselves on listening and understanding your situation and then making the appropriate moves when it comes to selling your home. Your motivation may be speed and not top dollar. In that case, you need an agent who understands the market and can price the home aggressively without leaving dollars on the table. Or, maybe you want to get top end dollar, then you need an agent who can help you prepare and stage your home appropriately. Whatever your motivation, we are helping sellers all over Northern Kentucky meet their real estate goals.

Whether you are selling a Covington KY home or anywhere else in NKY, give us a call today to learn how we can help you!


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