Sell Your Northern Kentucky House – Team Sztanyo Testimonial

Sell Your Northern Kentucky House - Team Sztanyo Testimonial

Sell Your Northern Kentucky House – Team Sztanyo Testimonial

Are you looking to sell your Northern Kentucky house fast and for the least amount of hassle? We can help! We sell houses all over Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, and we specialize in working with sellers. Whether you have a lot or little equity in your home, we have creative situations that can help you meet your selling goals.

Recently, we worked with Alexis, who needed to sell her Dayton, KY home. Alexis wanted to sell her house fast, and she actually reached out to us through our Cincinnati cash home buyer website. However, after meeting with Alexis and getting a feel for her situation, we suggested that the better route for her would be to put the home on the MLS.

There were a couple of reasons for this bit of advice. First, the home was cute! And, in good condition. There were a few things we mentioned improving, such as some worn down carpets and a railing on her back deck, but overall, the home was in pretty good shape. Often, when homeowners need to sell fast, their property may be in need of a lot of improvements. This was not the case with this home, and we knew that it would attract a buyer right away.

Secondly, in order for her to net the amount of money she wanted in the sale, listing it for closer to market value was going to be her best chance to make the most money on the home. When you sell to a cash buyer, you have to account for the profit margin that the real estate investor wants to make. However, if you sell to a residential owner occupant, you have a better chance at getting market value for the home because you do not have to account for that extra profit.

Alexis agreed that this was the best route and after we priced the home competitively, did our professional photos and marketed the home on Facebook, the house went Pending in 1 day!

The seller was thrilled, and in a short amount of time, we were able to close on the home. Listen in Alexis’ own words what it was like working with us.

Video Transcript: 

Eric: Tell us a little bit about selling your home and your experience.

Alexis: Thanks to Eric, it was very smooth. Very informative. I felt very involved in the process in that I understood everything each step of the way. It happened very smoothly.

Eric: Would you recommend Team Sztanyo for someone who need to sell their Northern Kentucky house?

Alexis: I would definitely recommend working with Eric and Team Sztanyo. He has a good range of the marketing, the photos on my house, the posting. Communication was constant. It was a very good experience!

Eric: Thank you so much!

Alexis: Thank you!

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