Sell My Norwood House – Team Sztanyo Testimonial

Sell My Norwood House

I love this job. I like working with all of my clients, but it is especially rewarding when you get to help some of your friends who previously existed in your network.

Jon and Amanda came to me towards the end of the summer and were interested in selling their house. There was a bit of work to be done. In fact, they had tried to sell the home a couple of years prior and ended up taking it off the market because they couldn’t attract a buyer.

This time around, I walked them through what updates needed to be done to get the house sold. We also did some extensive market research to get a good idea of where to price the home competitively. The good news for Jon and Amanda was that the market had risen in the past few years, and so even though they weren’t able to sell it two years ago, we were able to get the house sold this time for even more than what they listed it at then!

It’s always nice to walk away from your home sale with some extra cash in your bank account!

Listen to Amanda’s own words about what it was like working with Team Sztanyo.

Sell My Norwood OH House - Team Sztanyo Testimonial


ERIC: Tell us a little bit about your experience selling your house.

AMANDA: All right. Selling our house with Eric was a great experience. We actually tried to sell our house a few years ago, and we weren’t able to find the right buyer. So, we actually changed Realtors and went with Eric this time. He was tremendously helpful and very diligent with all of the details. And, there were a lot with our little sale. He kept us in line and helped us get here to closing day! So, we are thrilled.

ERIC: Awesome. Would you recommend working with Eric and Team Sztanyo?

AMANDA: We would absolutely recommend working with Eric and Team Sztanyo. They did a great job. We’ll definitely use them again. (I keep saying we). My husband is not here. We had to do a Power of Attorney. Eric helped with that as well. There were so many details that went into selling our house that I think are unique to selling that I think Eric really just stood by our side and helped us complete.

So, we would HIGHLY recommend Eric and Team Sztanyo.

There’s no question that every sale is unique! There were a lot of details to get this deal done. It went pending FAST, but then we had to work through a few inspection items. The sellers kept a cool head and were very willing to listen to advice about how to push the deal through to closing.

I wish every seller could be like Jon and Amanda! They were an absolute joy to work with. They had a fantastic attitude, even when all of the little items came at them that come with nearly every home that sells. It was a pleasure and honor to help them sell their home, and I’m looking forward to helping them purchase their next one!

If you are saying, “I need to sell my Norwood house”, then give us a call today!


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