Rivers Pointe Estates – An Exclusive Riverview Community with High Quality Homes

Let’s check out Rivers Pointe Estates, a beautiful area in Hebron, Kentucky. This is a community that is gonna get a lot of attention, and a lot of buzz because it is beautiful and there are amazing, gorgeous custom homes going in here. You’ve got a ton of variety in this neighborhood and four different builders, Drees homes, Traditions, Justin Doyle homes and Toebben Builders. All building a lot of different styles of housing to choose from. Absolutely gorgeous terrain and land. Peaceful, quiet, gorgeous horse trails, custom homes right by the Ohio River. Rivers Pointe Estates is a beautiful place.

Rivers Pointe Estates - An Exclusive Riverview Community with High Quality Homes

Discover Rivers Pointe Estate

Welcome to River’s Point of Estates. Come explore with us. Take the scenic route to the healthy, exceptional lifestyle you’ve been searching for. Do you feel like you’re missing out? Are you frustrated with cookie cutter communities feeling overwhelmed by the busy pace of life? Wishing you could spend more time living in an active, healthy lifestyle, looking for a place where you can belong? Come home to life as it was meant to be.

At Rivers Pointe of states, they believe where you live makes a big difference in how you live. That’s why choosing a new home is so much more than a real estate transaction. You’re looking for a place to put down roots and a jumping off point for exciting new adventures. Rivers Pointe Estates offers the following, 400 pristine acres, 20% preserved green space. 20 minutes to downtown, 10 minutes to the airport, six miles of trails all in one extraordinary master planned community. Put down roots and grow. At Rivers Pointe Estates, you can soak up expansive river views every day and enjoy green space in your own backyard. Our retreat-like setting offers trees, streams and pastures with thoughtfully planned home sites, urban shops and restaurants.

Discover a warm welcome toast marshmallows with your neighbors. Watch the boats on the river with your grandkids or stroll on the village green. You can do it all right. Here at Rivers Pointe Estates, from your first walk down our main street to parties at the Riverworks Community Club, to sunny days by the pool, you’ll love the Rivers Pointe Estate sLifestyle. Step out your front door and into an active lifestyle with best-in-class amenities. Breaking ground in the fall of 2022 with an estimated completion of fall of 2023, there’s going to be trails for walking, biking, or running a fitness center and pool. Nearby horse stables. A place for family campfires and so much more. It will all be here at Rivers. Point of state, green space, trees, creeks, and hills amenities all come together with Riverview Homes in a park like space.

Come explore it with us. Be inspired by expansive river views every day. Our master plan community was designed to make river views accessible for all. Start your day inspired by majestic vistas and see where the day takes you. Enjoy six miles of hiking and biking trails. It’s easy to get outside with our miles of trails. Go for a walk, run, or bike ride on a multipurpose path that parallels the main road and overlooks the river. Or hike a new trail that follows a stream through the woods. There’s wildlife to see and fresh air to breathe.


All right everyone, While I’m here with the mastermind of it all, Mr. John Tobin. John, tell us a little bit about this development, how it came to be and, and what we should know about i


Well, we’re glad to be out here on a hot, sunny day <laugh>. But, River’s Point Estates is a fascinating community. We’re gonna have, ultimately about 700 new home buyers in the community over the next 20 years. We have seven different types of housing, which is amazing. It’s, aged place communityas that what we call it so somebody gets to be here at home when they want something that’s maintenance free. We have everything in between, including upcoming 5-story condominiums, looking some of the big features of the community. Our trails we have about six miles of trails, which are both equestrian and pedestrian here on the community. We’ve got two of those trails open, getting ready to start. Our Riverworks community center, which will be a state of the art facility within tons of recreational amenities, including a play playground, two pools, and outdoor pickleball. And it’s just gonna be a great place to gather and get all the neighbors together.

So it’s a great location. There are so many amenities, so many choices here that it’s one of the few true master-playing communities for Greater Cincinnati. We call it a legacy project cause you know, we’re all gonna be here and gone someday and I just really would love people to remember me and my family for what we’ve created here for Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. And you know, we’ve put a ton of planning into this, years. We started buying the property almost 28 years ago, so it’s been going on in our minds for some time. And we’ve seen a lot of the successes around the country and around the world really. I make the point to monitor what is really a desire for new home buyers today. And I think we’ve integrated that in here and more.


What are some of those things that you took from other areas that are being integrated here?


Well, people like variety, you know, they just don’t want a typical subdivision that you drive in and see everything is the same size lot, same size house. Variety is crucial. It’s very important for resale with people’s major investment here. And you know, probably one of the bigger things is the uniqueness to Boone County. When you look around and see just some of the small tidbits that we have going on here, like wood rails, is that something that you can’t do in other communities. We’ve got that entitled here. The Width of our Streets to Control Speeds. We’ve got some incredible entryway features that are just, you know, blooming with amazing flowers right now. The entry walls we have are Signature Stone. It’s a crab tree, Orchard Stone from Tennessee. And you know, we use that wherever you see things like the barn and facilities like that here.


Well, the second you kind of drive in the community, it’s instant that the attention to detail, the love and the craft are all here. So I appreciate it. I’m excited about what’s here right now and I’m excited for what’s to come.


Good, good. I’m glad we were ending each other out here today. I live here in the community too, which makes it great. I can be here all the time.


Thank you so much for your time.

Our master plan community includes the area’s most diverse collection of housing varieties with more than seven types. That means that young professionals, growing families, empty nesters and everyone in between can live in one community the way towns used to be. Once you call Rivers Pointe Estates Home, you can stay here for all the ages and adventures to come. One thing I find interesting about Rivers Pointe Estates is you have your choice of different builders. If you check out their website, it says Custom Home Builders at Rivers Pointe Estates specialize in quality. Choosing a new home means it’s just what you want right from the start. A new home represents a big investment. You want it to exceed your expectations and you want to enjoy the building process. You can’t wait to move into your new home. Rivers Pointe Estate is not a one size fits all development. Whether you want a classic neighborhood feel a rustic lodge, an empty nester enclave, or an in town setting, there’s something for you.

Each of our builders offers a long history of crafting high-quality homes, high value for the money you invest. Rivers Pointe has handpicked just four locally owned custom home builders to serve Rivers Pointe, including Toebben Builders, Justin Doyle Homes, Drees Homes and Traditions Group. With Tobin Builders Rivers Pointe Single Family Homes are starting at $800,000. Riverview lots and homes at the Reserve at Rivers Pointe are starting at $900,000. With Justin Doyle Homes single-family homes are starting at $850,000. With Drees Homes, patio homes are starting at the mid $500 s, single-family homes starting at the mid $600 s and with Traditions Group, single Family Village Homes are priced from the $ 570s to the $ 650s. Innovative Courtyard. Town homes are priced from the $ 480s to the $630s.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Buying in a distant suburb means you’ll sit in traffic day after day. If your community doesn’t have the mix of custom homes, patio homes, and townhomes found in Rivers Pointe Estate, you may have to move out when your lifestyle changes, Rivers Pointe Estates offers so much more than other developments.

Rivers Pointe Estates - High quality homes

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Rivers Pointe Estates is a different community. It’s kind of a level up in terms of pricing, but in terms of the amenities and what you get, it’s also a level up, I would say as well. It’s really, really beautiful out there. As always, if you’re interested and want Team Sztanyo to help you out, give us a call at (513) 813-6293. Thank you so much!

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