New Homes in Alexandria KY – Arcadia – NKY New Home Construction

New Homes In Alexandria, KY

Where can I buy a new home in Alexandria, Kentucky? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this video.

New Homes in Alexandria KY Arcadia - NKY New Home Construction

Arcadia by Fischer Homes

All right. Hey guys, welcome back. This is Eric Sztanyo from Keller Williams Realty and, where we are helping families find their way home. And here we are today in the Arcadia development in Alexandria, Kentucky, and we’re standing in front of a Fischer model home, it’s the Clay model. And this is a really, really interesting community.

It’s my first time out here today and driving in, one of the things that really is a highlight of this community is how close you are to the highway, how close you are to downtown, how close you are to really any spot in Kentucky. But when you come in, you go down this hill and you instantly realize, “Whoa, I’m somewhere else. This feels different. I’m in a new place.” And this is a really beautiful community out here. There’s both Fischer homes and Drees homes that you can check out. So different builders are building out here.

arcadia - alexandria ky new homes - close to downtown

The other interesting thing about being out here in Arcadia is there are many different styles of homes to choose from, or different collections. You have condos, different kinds of condos, and then you have different types of single family homes you can use or you could look at and buy. There’s really options to many different kinds of buyers.

New Condos and New Homes in Arcadia

The condos, a lot of times, speak to college students who are going to NKU and want to get out of the house, but want to be close to the university and not pay a ton. Fischer Homes and Drees each provide condos for that situation. You also have condos for a lot of people who are wanting to downsize and not upkeep the big home anymore, wants someone else to take care of the landscaping, and the snow removal and mowing the grass. Got you covered.

But you also have these beautiful homes that are great for young families and growing families. There’s entry-level homes with Fischer, they’re called Maple at that price point. And then you get more into the designer, the masterpiece, homes where you have more custom options to choose from.

clay model by fischer homes - 5 level new home

This one in particular that I just went through today. It’s a really, really cool layout that people like, it’s a five level layout and there’s this rec room right off the main living room, that’s not fully in the basement, but it is a lower level that people just love because it comes standard with the house. It comes in the base model. And it almost serves as a finished basement. You can use it for so many different things. You can use it as a man cave, or you can use it as a rec room for the kids, or a toy room for the younger kids, or teenagers can use it as a game room or you can make it a study. You could do all kinds of things with it, and so people really love that in this model. And then as you go up, you have the master on its own level and then you have three bedrooms on the other side. Really, really cool layout. People really love this home.

NKY New Construction Homes Content from Team Sztanyo

So I just spent a couple hours here talking with the reps at Fischer. I learned all kinds of things about new construction, all kinds of things about new homes and I’m super excited to bring all kinds of different video content around new construction so you can learn things before you want to go out and go to the model homes. We’re going to be doing videos about how long it takes for new construction, and how much does it cost, and what are my options, and can I negotiate, and where can I buy and all these different things we’re hoping to bring to you. Bring you specialized videos on the different communities here in Northern Kentucky where you can buy new construction.

If you want to work with an agent. We did another video about being a buyer’s agent for new construction. Certainly, even though you’re going to get a lot of info from the salespeople at the homes, you want to have a buyer’s agent represent you. That’s what we do at Team Sztanyo, we specialize in new construction, so we’d love to talk to you. There’s no pressure, but we can help answer a lot of your questions about new construction, get you going so you can build that custom dream home that you’ve always wanted, that’s brand new. Certainly at this time of year, or the last few years in the Cincinnati area, the inventory has been so low that it’s been hard to find anything new. Well, maybe you should consider new construction.

So here we are in Alexandria, Kentucky. We’re looking at new homes and we got lots of great new construction content to come from Team Sztanyo. So thanks so much for watching guys and we will talk to you next time.

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