New Condos For Sale at Arcadia in Northern KY | When Condo Living Makes Sense

If you’re wondering if condo living makes sense in Northern Kentucky then we are taking a tour of some of the condos in Arcadia out in Alexandria, Kentucky. Let’s check it out. My name is Eric Sztanyo from Keller Williams Realty and team Now we are out in Alexandria, Kentucky. We are doing a little shopping for some condos here in Arcadia by Fisher homes. Let’s go take a look and find out if condo living makes sense in Northern Kentucky.

It is a beautiful day here and we just met with the sales rep there in the sales center, in the clubhouse. And now we’re heading over to look at some of these model condos with my buyers who are here from out of town. So they’ve got a few that they’re building out that we can kind of take a look at and we’ll see which fits my buyer the best.

New Condos For Sale at Arcadia in Northern KY | When Condo Living Makes Sense

Why Home Buyers Choose Condo Living Over Single Family Home?

Fisher homes condominiums offers you more amenities, more time and more personalization. From a Fisher homes brochure It reads: ‘At Fisher homes. We specialize in upgrading your freedom. When you purchase one of our condominiums, you’re buying more than a new home. You’re investing in an improved lifestyle. Our condominiums allow you to spend more time with family, provide the opportunity to travel and free you from the burden of home maintenance, move in now and have more time to live life on your terms.’

You know, it’s funny that brochure mentions these ideas of more time with family, opportunity to travel free from the burden of home maintenance. The buyer that I just work with today is moving in from out of town from Salt Lake City and is at a stage in life where that is exactly what she wants.

I mean, one of the big reasons why she wants move to Cincinnati, besides there being some family around here, but why she believes that condo living makes sense over single family living is you give more time. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the home, the lawn care, all the things that come with owning a home. And so she can take that time. She can spend it with family. She can save some of the money by living here are in Cincinnati. She was talking about houses in Salt Lake City, and they’re touching each other and they’re starting in the six hundreds. Whereas, here with this condo here in Northern Kentucky in Alexandria, the price is gonna be around $250 to $275, depending on the finishes she selects at the design center. You’ve got half the cost of any kind of mortgage that you might have.

That is why condo living makes sense because you can take that money, then you can do what you want. You can spend it on hosting. You can spend it on traveling. You just have more freedom because of this style of living. So she’s the perfect customer. Kind of the lifestyle of somebody who wants to downsize, have a smaller space, live that condo living where you’ve got more freedom and more time on your hands. And you don’t have to worry about all the maintenance of a house. So one of the things that Fisher mentions here in their brochure is “What’s the true cost of improving your lifestyle?.” And they mention kind of all the different items that their HOA covers. From mowing and lawn maintenance, mulching, fertilizing, lawn aeration, trimming, and landscaping, snow shoveling, leaf removal, exterior maintenance, estimated structural insurance, pool maintenance, and gym membership. Cuz they have two pools here in the Arcadia area. As well as access to a gym and then just consistent Polish community landscaping.

When you drive into this community, the words that came out of my client’s mouth today was like “it feels like a sanctuary here.” It feels like you’re coming to a quiet place. If you want to go downtown and experience the arts or go to a concert or go to an NFL football game or a baseball game or whatever, go to a museum. You can do that. If you want to go shopping, you can go to the Crestview town center or you can go downtown toSaks Fifth Avenue or up to Hyde Park or Brookwood area if you wanna do that shopping. And then you get to come back here to this nice, quiet secluded community. It’s kind of the best of both worlds.

Arcadia Of The Hayward Model Collection Condo Tour

So we got a chance to walk through the Hayward collection and we were able to see both a finished model that literally sold 20 minutes before we got here. We were able to view what it was like on the third floor, that same model down on the first floor. And my client said, “you know what. I don’t have a dog. I’d much rather be on the third floor. I don’t mind the steps right now where I can have the views of this beautiful area here in these Kentucky Hills. But the Hayward is from the gallery two collection from Fisher homes. It’s two bedrooms, two full bathrooms and a one car garage.

Condo living - Kitchen

Here’s what the description says from Fisher homes: Light and space are the hallmarks of our penthouse style, Hayward summit with an attached one car garage. The open kitchen family room with a vaulted ceiling offers an ideal gathering place for friends and family. And the cover deck provides extended living space. For quiet time. Solitude can be found in the private study and split owner suite second bedroom design.

So the nice thing about this with the open floor plan, my client mentioned it’s really easy to host. You’ve got two full bedrooms. So if you want have a relative of or friends spend the night, you can. Plus it has this extra study, so she’s gonna be working from home. So that was perfect. She can have her office, she’s got two full bedrooms, a dining room, open living area. It’s really a nice floor plan.

I hope you enjoyed that tour here in Arcadia of the Hayward model and also kind of getting a feel for a condo living and why condo living makes sense as well as the condo lifestyle that you can get either in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati. There are multiple locations. From Fisher homes. This one’s really pleasant because it is quiet. It’s pretty, the sun goes down. But you’ve got great access to the city from here. You can pop into downtown 15 minutes from here and you’re probably 20 minutes from the airport. Not a lot of traffic. It’s nice. It’s quiet, it’s secluded. And you’ve got kind of a country, a little bit more of a rural feel while still having great access to all that the city has to offer.

Help In Finding The Right Home For You And Your Family

So if you’re interested in condo living and you’re thinking of downsizing, you’re thinking of having less maintenance and a little bit more free time with your lifestyle. We’d love to help you out. Give us a call at team Sztanyo (513) 813-6293 or you can email me, we would love to help you with your search. Whether you’re you’re here locally already, or if you’re moving to the Cincinnati area. I hope it was helpful for you. Thank you!

Condo living in Cincinnati - Team Sztanyo
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