My First YouTube Clients Just Closed on a NEW House!

Hey, YouTube, what’s going on? I wanted to do a quick, thank you. And a shout out to my biggest YouTube fans, Adriana and Peter! We’re just leaving from your closing. Thank you guys so much.

My First YouTube Clients Just Closed on a NEW House! 🎉

Helping My First Youtube Fan Find Their Way Home

So we’re up here, kinda on the Northside of town. Adriana and Peter reached out to me back in April, maybe March and we went and started looking for homes. We were looking at resale homes and then we ended up deciding on new construction because we were having kind of a hard time in the market this year, but we just closed on their house. Brand new construction had my son Corn who was with me at the closing. Corn was with me when we were showing them houses and he met their son Cohen, which was super fun.

And so we all kind of had this celebration today where we signed the documents, they’re getting into their new house. So I just want to say congratulations and a shout out to you guys because you’re like my first fans on YouTube and like my number one fans on here and it’s been an honor to serve you guys as your agent. I’m super excited to see you now move out of this corporate housing (temporary situation) into your new house. And to the rest of you who are watching this, I just want to say, thank you for watching this.

The idea of this Youtube channel is that I didn’t really know where it was going to go in terms of helping people find a house, helping people understand Cincinnati Northern Kentucky, and you know, it’s been pretty cool cause I’ve had people contact me from California, Texas, Massachusetts, Japan, Hawaii, Salt Lake City and Santa Fe, Arizona, who are looking to move to Cincinnati Northern Kentucky.

And it’s like “oh, this is cool.” Like I get to kind of share about my city and I get to share about a cool place to live and help you guys get a feel for it. Cause it’s when you live here for 30 plus years, you think everything’s kind of the same, but obviously, if you’re coming from one of these different places, it’s new, it’s brand new, you don’t know anything about this place. And I’m grateful to be able to help you guys get to know this city, kind of build a library of content that helps you make good decisions if you’re going to be moving here. And it’s super fun for me to get to meet people who are coming in here and become friends.

You guys should check out Adriana’s Instagram, I mean, she’s an Instagram rockstar and her kid is like the coolest kid you’ve ever seen. They’re so much cooler than us. And they’re like skateboarding and rocking out to ACDC and stuff. And so I love this family and they’re super awesome. And I’m making this because you guys are awesome. And thank you for choosing me and for letting me be your agent through this process. So we’ll be hanging out soon. Enjoy that Woodford Double Oak. I hope you guys like that.

And to everyone else, you guys should check out her Instagram and some of the photos she’s done at the house, they got an awesome brand new house. And Schmidt builders is the one who did theirs and I’m super excited for them.

My First Youtube Fan- Awesome family

Thank You And Team Sztanyo is Always Here To Guide You

If you were moving to Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and you need somebody to help you find a house, give us a call team Sztanyo would love to help you out. Thank you guys so much for watching these Youtube videos, please like and subscribe on our Youtube channel, hit that notification bell and we’ll see you in the next one. Bye.

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