Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH – Tour in Mt. Adams, OTR and Walnut Hills

Are you looking for luxury condos in Cincinnati, Ohio? That’s what we’re going to be talking about in this video. Hey guys. It’s Eric Sztanyo from Keller Williams Realty and, where we are helping families find their way home. I’m a Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky realtor, helping clients buy, sell, and invest in the Greater Cincinnati area. Today we’re looking at luxury condos in Cincinnati, OH area, taking a look at a few different ones.

Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH - Tour in Mt. Adams, OTR and Walnut Hills

Condo Tour 2021: A Peek at the Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH

Mount Adams Condos

I’m in Mount Adams, which is just on the East side of Cincinnati. And I want to give you guys a tour of this one, and also go to one other, and talk a little bit about the luxury condo situation here in Cincinnati.

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Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH - View

All right guys. So we’re walking around this condo here in Mount Adams and the views are just spectacular. You’ve really got 270-degree views of the city looking over the Ohio River towards Northern Kentucky. Then you can see the Reds ballpark, Great American Ballpark, and you’ve got great views of Downtown Cincinnati.

Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH - Living Room

You’ve got multiple balconies on this property. It’s really gorgeous. There are multiple places where you can get a luxury high-end condo in the Cincinnati area. Mount Adams has traditionally been a place where you can do that. And the reason why so many people like Mount Adams, in particular, are these views.

You’re just on the East side of downtown. You’re up a little bit on Mount Adams and the sun’s going down to the West across the city, so you’re really getting these spectacular views of, not only the skyline, the river. It’s been a popular place for years for those who are wanting to live a little more luxurious lifestyle here in the Cincinnati area.

Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH - Kitchen

And another thing about living here in Mount Adams is you’re close to a lot of the restaurants. In fact, there’s a lot of places here in Mount Adams that are really nice to go to.

What To Consider When You Want To Buy A Luxury Condos In Cincinnati, OH

A few of the other places that you might want to look at in terms of luxury condos and what you’ve seen is a lot of growth in OTR, Over-The-Rhine. And so you might even get a potentially lesser price point over there. This condo that I’m in right now, I believe is at 1.1 million. You can find some condos in OTR, now they’re not going to have the views, but they might be in the $400,000 to $700,000 range, depending on the amenities of the property. And so potentially more affordable than something like this in Mount Adams. And if you’re in Over-The-Rhine, you’re going to be right down more in the heart of nightlife, of restaurants, of bars, of shops. It’s a little bit more of a built-up, walkable community that has built up over the last 15 years or so. Mount Adams is kind of like the OG OTR, in a way, in Cincinnati. It’s kind of where a lot of the best restaurants and the best bars and the best nightlife was. It’s still here to an extent, but a lot of that has shifted down to Over-The-Rhine.

Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH- Restaurants OTR

If you’re shopping for luxury condos in Cincinnati, OH it’s really a matter of just what your preference is. Like I said right here, and I just stepped out on one of the balconies here, you’re getting this amazing view of the river. I love seeing river views, but you also have views of the skyline, as you can see right behind me. So it really depends on what’s most important to you. Is it the view? Is it being right down in the heart of the nightlife and the restaurants? Or is it maybe even being a little farther out? You don’t mind being in a place like Mariemont or Blue Ash, or even Fort Thomas is building some luxury condos now. You might be closer to the kids and the grandkids and still have all of the nice features of a luxury condo, in terms of the lifestyle and having to do less around the house, which is a big reason why people want to get a condo.

The other thing you get in Mount Adams is you get an amazing history. You get some really, really beautiful architecture, and it really is just kind of a piece of art. The Cincinnati Art Museum is here in Mount Adams, and that’s one of the nice things about this side of the city is just it’s really, really, really beautiful.

Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH
Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH
Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH

Hope you enjoyed the tour of this condo here in Mount Adams. I’m going to take a trip a little bit further East and see if I can show you guys a condo out in Walnut Hills.

Walnut Hills Condos

We have traveled about a mile East of Mount Adams, and now we’re over here in Walnut Hills, and it’s a little bit quieter. If you’re looking for a condo in this area, you’re off the busy highway that you could see from Mount Adams, that’s going through downtown Cincinnati, but you’re still super close to downtown.

It’s a beautiful historic place. And in terms of development and the future of where a lot of development dollars are going in Cincinnati, you’re seeing some money going into Evanston and Walnut Hills, so I think you’ll see some future development even in this area. But you’ve got same thing here. Beautiful architecture. What you do see over here as opposed to Mount Adams a little bit more is you’ve got these high rises that are going up, a little bit more floors, potentially double.

Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH- W nut building
Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH- Building

That one we looked at in Mount Adams was only five stories high. This one, the penthouse is on floor 13. So not huge, huge, huge high rises, but definitely bigger than what you’re seeing in Mount Adams. And usually, what you’re seeing in even Over-The-Rhine. So let’s take a look a little bit more at this condo here in Walnut Hills.

So guys we’ve been doing a lot of different videos of custom homes, new construction houses in the area. Be sure to check those out if you haven’t seen those videos. But obviously, if you’re shopping for a condominium, what you’re looking for are the amenities and the lifestyle that comes with the condominium. So besides the location, whether it’s Mount Adams, Downtown, Walnut Hills, OTR, somewhere else, certainly you’re going to be wanting to look at the amenities of the property.

Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH- Kitchen
Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH- Living room

Now, this property here has a clubhouse down on the first floor that you could rent with a patio outside, as well, for different events if you want to host. There’s a gym. There’s no pool at this one, so if that’s something you want to have, make sure you’re checking that out if there’s a heated pool or a spa-type area. Certainly, those amenities are going to make that transition. A lot of people who are buying condominiums, they’ve had the house for years and they’re kind of like, “All right, I’m done with the house. I’m done with mowing the grass. I would like someone else to mow the grass, or better yet, maybe there’s no grass at all. And I just get to see these beautiful views of the city.” So be sure to work with your realtor and be checking out, not just the location, not just the views, not just the property itself, but what are the amenities that come with the property?

Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH- Living Room
Luxury Condos in Cincinnati, OH- Bedroom

All right, guys, that’s going to about wrap it up from this one. If there’s other information you want to know about the luxury condos in Cincinnati, OH, let us know in the comments below. Again, if this video was helpful for you, give it a like. Please, that really helps us out. Subscribe to the channel. Share it with someone you know that might be interested in it. And if you are in the market for a condominium in Cincinnati, Ohio, or the Northern Kentucky area, give us a call at Team Sztanyo. 513-813-6293. We would love to help you out. And even if you’re from out of the area and you need a referral somewhere else, we can help you with that, too. But thanks so much for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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