Finding the Perfect Cincinnati House – Team Sztanyo Testimonial


If you are trying to figure out how to decide if a home is right for you, sometimes it may just take a bit of time. Sam and Sarah were looking for over SIX MONTHS until the perfect house showed up near the area they wanted by Colerain Township and Winton Woods. They knew right away that this was the one for them, and they just closed. Hooray!!

Check out what they had to say in the video testimonial:

Finding the Perfect Cincinnati House - Team Sztanyo Testimonial



ERIC: All right guys, so congratulations!

SARAH: Yay! I’m so excited!!!

ERIC: Tell us a little bit about the process of buying your home.

SARAH: Well, how many houses did we look at?

SAM: Yeah, I think we looked for about six months and really, this was the only offer we made because this home was exactly what we wanted. And so there was a lot of looking at houses and showings and driving by, and Eric helped us get into those. Once we found the one we wanted, we needed to make an offer right away and Eric helped us get all that stuff done, but also gave us advice on how do we do that and what’s a good offer. What do you say yes to? Or, no to? And all those things. So, it was actually really nice to have help with that.

SARAH: And, he worked into the late hours and while he was out of town. He just took care of us in every way we needed.

SAM: Yeah, it was great!

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There’s no question that in a seller’s market, it can be frustrating for buyers. Inventory is low and whenever a nice property actually comes on the market, it gets snatched up fast. Knowing this along with prices being driven up because of demand can make buyers hesitate.

With that said, I still always recommend to my buyers that they not sit home. Go out and look at houses! First of all, you’ll never know if the criteria you have listed for your dream house is actually what you want until you go out and look at the criteria. Real estate photographers are really, really good at their jobs. And while you might think you have found the perfect house online, you don’t really know until you get out and see it. Maybe it has a yard, or driveway, or some other factor that was intentionally not highlighted in the photos that may keep you from it.

The other benefit of getting out there is that when a property does come up that you love, you can act fast. You know what to do.

That’s what happened with Sam and Sarah. After looking for 6 months, they knew exactly what they wanted and didn’t want. And when the perfect house became available, they were ready to act fast and snatch it up. Now, they have their dream home in the perfect location that will be a cherished home as they raise their kids in the years to come. I’m so happy for them!!!


If you are looking to buy a home in the Cincinnati area and are frustrated by the process, contact Team Sztanyo today. We’ll use our experience for your benefit to find the right home for you … even in a seller’s market.

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