Family Day at Bengals Training Camp – The BEST Time to Take Your Kids

Bengals fans, let’s hear it for the 2021 Cincinnati Bengals!

We are here at Bengals training camp, back to the stadium. Families are allowed in today. It’s one month away from the 2021 season. I want to tell you guys a little bit about why this day in particular is such a great time to come and get a taste of the Bengals.

Family Day at Bengals Training Camp - The BEST Time to Take Your Kids

A Fun Family Day As A Bengals Fan

My name’s Eric Sztanyo, from Keller Williams Realty and where we are helping families find their way home. But this video is not about real estate. This video is about the Bengals. We are here in Paul Brown Stadium for a special training camp opening up. You can hear the crowd roaring behind me as the players finish up their practice today and head back in. Just down the street behind me, over here… is Cincinnati Reds Great American Ball Park. I did a video about why that’s such a great place to take your family. Well, if you’ve never been to training camp with the Cincinnati Bengals, you got to check it out.

So a couple of things that are awesome about this day. Number one, it’s free. You can get on an email list. You can get free tickets to come in. The whole stadium is open. And so it doesn’t cost you a thing whereas if you’re coming to an NFL game, normally those tickets might be 50, 60, 70, up into the hundreds of dollars. This day is completely free. Second thing that’s great about this day in training camp, in particular, is it’s an awesome place to bring your family. Now, this day was called Back Together Saturday, the Cincinnati Bengals marketing staff have been working really hard and they’re doing a really good job. They’ve got one of the younger members of the family of the Brown family, who’s been taking over the marketing. I’ll tell you what, she’s kicking butt. She’s connecting with the fans.

And as you can hear behind me, it’s just everyone’s super happy to be back in the stadium. We’re excited about the 2021 season because Joe Burrow has completely healed from his knee surgery. We drafted Ja’Marr Chase, number one overall, his former college teammate with who he won the National Championship. We are ready to go. So if you come to a training camp, not all the training camps are in the stadium like this. A lot of them are in the practice field next door, and it can be really hot. But today you get to come into the stadium. They opened up the vending machine. All the vendors are selling food, so you got pizza and coneys and beer. You could have a good time. And they got these inflatables everywhere where the kids can play games. They can go down slides. They can be throwing footballs. They’ve got this Bronco football thing you can ride on. Super fun.

So you get to watch a little bit of the practice, you get to see some of the plays going down as the players’ scrimmage. Of course, this year, everyone’s being super protective of Joe Burrow’s knee. As we said in the past, don’t touch the merchandise when it comes to the quarterbacks in training camp and preseason. But it’s just super fun to get in, free, have a nice day, get your face painted with tiger paint, play some inflatables, get some food, and come and get fired up for the football season.

The Brown family and Mike Brown, in particular, have taken a lot of heat, being the owner of the Bengals and that we’ve never won a Super Bowl. He has a reputation for being cheap. He has a reputation of being stingy. He has a reputation of being too loyal to his players or overplaying them when he shouldn’t. When you don’t win, you just get all the bad rep. But I will say this, this day they do right. This day, the Bengals do right, their organization, the family day in training camp. If you can make it, obviously this year it’s over in 2021. But coming in future years, 2022, ’23, ’24, hey, we still got Joe Burrow in his contract. We’ve got some hope that we’re going to make the playoffs. We’ve got some hope that we’re going to win the playoff and make it to the Super Bowl.

Who Dey Bangals Fan

So who dey, Bengals fans. And I just wanted to show you guys another fun thing to do in Cincinnati. I’ve shown you some parks, I’ve shown you the Red Stadium, I’ve shown you some different things. I want to give you guys a feel of what it’s like living here and being in the area. And certainly, the Cincinnati Bengals are a big part of that, a big part of the community, a big part of recreation and entertainment. And one of these days when we actually win something, it’s going to bind the city together. For now, it’s kind of hard to be a Bengals fan, from a national standpoint, but here locally it’s a fun thing that keeps us all bound together. I think being a Cincinnati Bengals fan is, quite honestly, it takes courage. It takes resilience. It takes fortitude. Because they’re very creative at how they break your heart sometimes. They’ve done that in years past. The Pittsburgh Steelers are kind of the national media darlings, the Cincinnati Bengals are usually the butt of the joke.

So if you move here, it might take you a while to become a fan, but one of these days we’re going to break through. And it’s going to be glorious, and all the pain and suffering of being a Bengals fan over the years will all be worth it. And we’ve got a lot of hope in this city right now because we’ve got a quarterback who we think can do some things. So if you’re looking for something to do with your family, if you don’t want to take them necessarily to the games and the NFL atmosphere can get a little bit routed, I totally understand that. But check out and put on your calendar the family day that they do here at Paul Brown Stadium. You’re going to enjoy it. We’ll see you next time. Who dey, let’s go Bengals.

Family Day at Bengals Training Camp- Jamarr Chase
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