Chatham by Maronda Homes – Realtor Model Home Tour

If you’re checking out different home builders in the Cincinnati area, you may have come across Maronda Homes. Today we are in the Providence neighborhood where homes are starting in the 250s, and we’re going to give you guys a walkthrough of the Chatham model floor plan by Maronda homes. Very cool floor plan. Very cool home builder. Stay tuned for all of it.

My name is Eric Sztanyo from Keller Williams Realty and where we are helping you find your home and strengthen your family.

Chatham by Maronda Homes | Realtor Model Home Tour

Chatham by Maronda Homes Tour

Today we’re in a very cool new model home. I’ve never been to the Maronda Homes before, and I like them. I like them a lot. We’ve done a lot of videos here on new construction homes. We’ve shown Fischer homes a lot, which make really good homes. Got some cool areas in West Chester, Mason, Union, Kentucky, Alexandria, that were shown. Be sure to check out all those videos. Today we’re looking at the Chatham floor plan here at Maronda Homes.

Chatham by Maronda Homes- Living Room

Now, what I like about this floor plan when you first walk into the house, you’re basically walking into this wide-open floor plan, which I really like. You’re invited instantly into the living room. The living room then opens up into the kitchen. You’ve got an island that’s great.

Chatham by Maronda Homes- kitchen

All these stainless appliances. You’ve got taller cabinets that you normally get maybe with potential builders-grade cabinets.

Chatham by Maronda Homes- sunroom

And then as you move across inside of the floor plan, there’s an optional sunroom that you can take, which really opens it up nicely. It’s a beautiful spot on the first floor.

As you walk upstairs, you’ve got four bedrooms on the second floor. The first bedroom is off to your right, which is great. One thing you notice here, the hallway is super wide, It’s wider than a normal hallway that you get in a house for sure.

At the end of this hallway, you can see the mirror and there’s a double vanity. It’s kind of like an open bathroom situation. This is the only model Maronda Home says they do that in. It’s totally optional. They said, “Yeah, most people choose to put a door because it’s kind of weird to have two sinks open.” You’ve got this hall bath, full bathroom, which is great. You’ve got 1, 2, 3, 4 bedrooms upstairs as well as second-floor laundry. Everybody loves second-floor laundry. Very cool.

Chatham by Maronda Homes- Tray Ceiling

One thing I love about the master bedroom is you have this optional tray ceiling, which always is a nice touch to have in the master.

Chatham by Maronda Homes- Bath

You’ve got a walk-in closet, and it opens up into the master suite with a nice, beautiful tub, glass shower tile. They did say that the tile now goes all the way to the ceiling. This model’s actually six years old. Also, the base vanity is higher than a lot of other vanities that you might get with builders.

One of the things I like about Maronda Homes is a lot of it is included in the base price. One thing would be the higher vanity. Another thing would be the fans in all the rooms. They have those hookups. Those are all included in the base price, which is nice.

You’ve got two more bedrooms upstairs. You’ve got a two-car garage that comes with it, but an optional three-car garage you can have. It’s really a very beautiful home. It’s well-built.

Chatham by Maronda Homes- Triforce

Another thing that the sales rep showed me that I was unaware of is that with the floor joists, they use engineered floor joists that are pre-built. It’s not just a simple 2×10 that a lot of builders use. Their floor joists are solid. A lot of times with your floors over the years, it’ll start to bend a little bit. There might be a little bit of sway in the floor, or you’ll get those creaks in the floor because they’re simply just 2x10s being laid down for the floor. With Maronda homes

, they had these pre-built tri-force floor joists that are very cool, very strong, make it really easy to run electric or plumbing or anything like that through them, and they’re going to hold up and make the home overall much more solid feeling.

This neighborhood is very cool. The other thing is this Fischer Patio Homes. The Patio Homes with Fischer are pretty nice because they take care of the lawn for you. With Maronda Homes, you had this neighborhood here in Warren County and Providence. You also have up in Ohio, you have the Trails of Todhunter, where they have several lots. They’re going fast, but you can have some lots there.

In Kentucky, down in Kenton County, you have Aosta Valley, Canberra Ridge, Freedom Park. In Boone County, you have Gun Powder Trails, Triple Crown and Wild Cat Run, if you’re looking for this particular Maronda Homes model. Obviously, they have other floor plans you can choose from, but we wanted to walk you through the floor plan of the Chatham first..

There’s your look at the Chatham floor plan with Maronda Homes. Feel free to go through their website to check out the different floor plans.

Team Sztanyo is Your Trusted Guide in Helping Families Find Their Way Home

Chatham by Maronda Homes- Living Room

As I’ve always mentioned, before you go to that model home and start talking prices and options and all of that, make sure you bring a buyer’s agent with you who can represent you through the process, who can help you with your lending, who can help you with inspections, who can be an advocate for you throughout the buyer’s journey because building a home is a little bit of a process. You want someone at your side. It doesn’t cost you a thing. The builder pays for it. The builder pays for the buyer’s agent’s commission. You don’t pay for that commission. So make sure you get someone to come on your side.

We’d love to help you do that in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area. We love helping people buy new homes in the area, whether it’s Maronda, whether it’s Fischer, anyone else we’ll help you out with that. Give us a call at Team Sztanyo. Make sure you watch our videos on our other neighborhoods and other new construction homes, and we will talk to you guys later.

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