6 Myths About Real Estate Agents That You Need To Know Greater Cincinnati Area

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about real estate agents. But the fact is that agents are professionals, and if they don’t take care of clients, they won’t be in business long. Agents really are looking out for their client’s best interests and put themselves second in the equation – even if they ultimately make less money. So let’s clear things up a bit. Check out these 6 myths about real estate agents that you need to know. If you have questions like:  What does a real estate agent do? And what can you expect from working with one? What do u need to know to be a real estate agent? Then read further to know the myths about real estate agents that you need to know in Cincinnati.

Myths About Real Estate Agents That You Need To Know Cincinnati- Agent

1. Paying Less Commission = Making More Money

This is a myth about real estate agents kept alive by some of the shadier discount brokers who claim to save sellers money by charging lower commissions. But as in any profession, the top producers, the cream of the crop, usually charge a little more. That’s because top agents get better results for clients – offering more services and usually getting a better sale price. Would you choose your surgeon for a major procedure on the basis of price?

2. Always Late for Appointments

As with anything, there are always a few bad apples, but most of the apples in real estate are good. The vast majority of real estate agents conduct themselves in a professional manner. And that means they understand that clients deserve respect, which means being courteous and punctual. Again, agents who are habitually tardy and discourteous just don’t last long because they don’t establish long-term relationships critical for success in this arena.

3. Will Say Anything to Make a Sale

And here’s another myth about real estate agents that you need to know. Top-producing agents reached that level and achieved their reputation by being honest and truthful. In fact, agents have to adhere to a rigorous ethical code to remain in business. Reputation and word-of-mouth referrals are critical for an agent’s continued success.

4. Inspector Bias in Favor of Agent

You may have also heard it said that an agent’s inspector will always favor the agent. But that just ain’t so. Good real estate agents always work for what is best for clients, as well as doing everything they can to avoid ethical violations and lawsuits. Most agents are committed to full disclosure, material facts, and clients’ best interests.

5. Must Provide Information About Crime, Schools, and Ethnics

Although Greater Cincinnati Area real estate agents are committed to facts, disclosure, and truth, there are some things they cannot legally do or say. One of these things, under the Federal Fair Housing Laws, is to do anything that discriminates against protected classes of people. And this typically means that agents can’t disclose a neighborhood’s crime rates, school statistics, or ethnic make-up. Your agent can, however, tell you where you can find such information.

6. One Agent as Good as Another

Real estate agents all get pretty much the same training and have to pass the same certification exams, so one is as good as another, right? Wrong. This is a myth about Greater Cincinnati Area real estate agents that could not only cost you money or a sale but could land you in legal hot water. Agents are not all the same.

A qualified, experienced local agent can make all the difference in the world. An agent who has lived and worked in the area – with a solid track record of sales close to the asking price – will know exactly how to approach your target market to help get a better price and a faster sale. This kind of agent will also have inside knowledge, deep relationships with other agents and professionals, and a roster of potential buyers that can’t be accessed elsewhere. We have the Greater Cincinnati Area real estate agents you need.

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