4th of July Parade in Fort Thomas, KY – Celebrating America’s Independence Day

One of my favorite things about this city of Fort Thomas is the annual 4th of July parade celebrating America’s birthday. It’s amazing! The whole town turns out. Kids get all kinds of candy and it’s more than just the town, it’s really like the whole county kind of comes up before Thomas. So Newport, Bellevue, Dayton, and more are out in the county. Everyone signs up for the parade. You’ve got tanks, you’ve got fire trucks, you’ve got dance teams. You’ve got the bands, you’ve got the Shriners. You’ve got everything. It’s so much fun. I think this last year’s 4th of July celebration was canceled in 2020, but to have it in 2021, everyone’s kind of like, dang, it’s nice to be out. And it’s fun to be out with people who love their community, who love their country and can celebrate the birthday of America.

4th of July Parade in Fort Thomas, KY - Celebrating America's Independence Day

Why The People in Fort Thomas Love To Celebrate The Annual 4th of July Parade

So it’s fun to think about these parades happening all over the country today, celebrating independence day, enjoying our freedoms, being grateful and thankful for all that we have in this great country. And it’s fun living in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. This is one part of the culture here that I really enjoy is people who are grateful for freedom. People who are grateful for those who have fought for those freedoms and who loved living in this amazing country.

4th of July Parade - Fort Thomas

I always tell my kids that the 4th of July parade is like the opposite of Halloween. On Halloween, you got to dress up and do all the work and go out and get candy and ask for it. But on 4th of July parade, everyone else dresses up and comes to you and throws candy to you. As a kid, what could be better? Normally the weather’s like Listerine hot and 90 degrees and the Candy’s melting before it hits the concrete, but today was lovely, right around 75 degrees, huge turnout here in the community.

The city, I mean, they’ve got it figured out where the police come by and then they bring the street cleaners to clean up all the candy mess. That’s on the ground. It’s amazing. But everyone’s enjoying the day and enjoying the holiday weekend, enjoying America, enjoying the freedom. And I hope you do too.

It’s kind of easy to think that the country is falling apart and everyone hates each other and events like this one where the community comes out, the community smiling, everyone’s getting along. And, we’re just enjoying being Americans today or enjoying this country that kind of lifts the spirits, gives you hope! It’s a beautiful summer day and you can just be happy to be in a community with other people who want a great life for their families and for their kids. It’s a good day to be alive. Hope you guys enjoy your fourth.

So I’m walking back home. Happy 4th of July everyone! One of the great things I love about living in Cincinnati is events like this that draw the community together. And there are events like this really all year round. I mean the Fort Thomas 4th of July parade is pretty special. You should come check it out if you’re ever in the area.

Finding Your Way Home with Team Sztanyo

One thing I love about Cincinnati is It’s a place where families can grow roots and go deep. My 10-year-old son went to work with me the other day and he asked me “dad, what’s your favorite thing about Cincinnati?” And I actually said “you know what son, it’s actually the fact that my goal in life is I want to be around you. I want to be around your kids as a grandpa and Lord willing, be around as a great grandpa one day.” And I think Cincinnati is a place where I can do that. I think it’s a great city. It doesn’t have mountains, it doesn’t have oceans, it’s not New York, It’s not LA, it’s not Chicago. It’s its own thing. And it’s great as it is because it’s a place where families and communities have strong binds. And today’s one of those days that we have one of those things.

Hope that gives you guys a good idea of the 4th. Hope you had a great 4th of July parade! We’ll talk to you later!

4th of July Parade- Celebration

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