4 Things You Can Do in The Next 24 Hours to Sell Your House in West Chester, OH

Do you need to sell your house in West Chester, OH? You may have tons of questions like: What is the secret to a fast sale of a property? How do I sell my house in 5 days? How can I sell my house quickly? What are buyers looking for in a house in 2021? When you’ve got your house on the market, getting everything prepared around the property and keeping it that way can feel like a giant ordeal. To help kick your home sale into high gear, let’s cover 3 things you can do in the next 24 hours to sell your house in West Chester, OH.

Things You Can Do in The Next 24 Hours to Sell Your House in West Chester, OH- House for sale in West Chester OH

Refresh the Exterior

During the cleaning flurry that takes place before your house goes on the market, it’s easy for the average homeowner to forget about how things look on the outside of their house. This starts with making sure your lawn is freshly mowed and not covered in sticks and leaves.

Beyond the basics, you can always touch up the paint on any siding or porches that just need a little TLC to get back to their full potential. Getting your hands dirty by trimming back overgrown shrubbery and laying down new mulch will go a long way to impressing any potential buyers.

An often overlooked feature, it’s a great idea to test any outdoor lights, fans, and outlets to ensure they are working properly. Just as anyone taking a look at your home will be poking around the nooks and crannies of the interior, you can count on them doing the same outside of those four walls when you try to sell your house in West Chester, OH.

Get the Message Out

Hopefully, you took the time to shop around and hire an agent to help you sell your house in West Chester, OH.

If you did, your agent will take it upon themselves to handle posting your home’s listing and do their best to market it so that as many people as possible have the opportunity to view it.

Keeping that in mind, there’s always room to push that listing out further in hopes of reaching your perfect buyer. The best way to do this is to embrace technology and share posts about your property on any social media platforms you utilize. Ask your family and close friends to share the posts with their friends to add a personal touch and increase your outreach even further.

When creating your posts, don’t just link the listing and call it a day. Write a paragraph about your for sale property, and be sure to highlight all of the positive attributes it possesses. Include your agent’s name and contact information so that any interested individuals who see it can dig deeper into the linked listing, and then easily text or call your agent to schedule a showing.

Rethink Your Storage

Although you have already done the obvious deep cleaning needed when listing your home for sale, decluttering and reorganizing will complement your cleaning nicely.

By decluttering we mean removing everything from a storage area, cutting it down by approximately half, and then putting that remaining half back into storage while also trying to make it as neat as possible in the process.

The key places to sort out during this process would be bedroom and linen closets, medicine cabinets, and pantries. These may seem like tiny details contained in the bigger picture of your home, but they can become points of contention for potential buyers who feel a cluttered storage area indicates an inadequate amount of available space.

The final piece to decluttering your home is called depersonalization. Take any of your family photos and heirlooms and put them in secured storage away from the prying eyes of buyers.

Besides protecting these important keepsakes, it allows anyone viewing the home to imagine what they would do with the space rather than feeling like an intruder in someone else’s territory.

Find the Right Real Estate Agent in West Chester, OH

We all know that the process of selling a house is a big decision, and there are so many emotions involved, not to mention all of the work it takes to get your house ready to sell! The right real estate agent will help you with the entire process from writing up a real estate listing that sells,  market your property to get it seen, schedule and host showings, and checking every detail of the house to get the best first impression from buyers to negotiating for the best price.

If you’re looking for help as you sell your house in West Chester, OH. contact us at (513) 813-6293 for an experienced real estate agent! will be able to answer any questions you have about the process, can make recommendations. We provide assistance all over  Greater Cincinnati area and places like Florence, Erlanger, Milford, Mason, Loveland, Oakley, Fort Wright and more. We would gladly help you so you can take control of your situation, end the hassles, and get back to living the life you want to live.  You deserve to know all of the options available to you right now!

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