New Construction Homes in Union, KY

marshall home by fischer homes in ballyshannon union ky

Are you looking for new construction homes in Union, KY? Union is a suburb of Cincinnati with a population of 5,910. Union is in Boone County and is one of the best places to live in Kentucky. Living in Union offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes. In Union, there are a lot of restaurants and parks. Many families and young professionals live in Union and residents tend to be conservative. The public schools in Union are highly rated. This is enough reason why people are into searching for new construction homes in Union, KY.

Buying a newly built home is a different process, and you’ll want to work with an experienced Northern Kentucky real estate agent who can be your trusted guide. Often, when you are working with home builders, they will walk you through the design process. However, you still will want an agent on your side who is serving your best interests. Remember, the builder is the one who pays the commission for the buyers’ agent, not you! Other topics like home warranties, incentives and inspections are also important to discuss when it comes to new construction homes in Union, KY. Be sure you are seeking out a local expert who specializes in helping buyers with new homes.

Keep reading for current new construction homes in Union, KY for sale. And to find the home of your dreams, be sure you contact Eric at Team Sztanyo!

NKY Home Builders for New Construction Homes in Union, KY

There are several different Northern Kentucky home builders who have different new construction home communities in Union, KY. Here are a few of them to choose from:

  • Fischer Homes
  • Keystone Home Builders
  • Arlinghaus Builders
  • Drees Homes
  • Zaring Homes
  • The Bold Company
  • Maronda HOmes
  • Cullen Brothers

In the video tour below, Eric walks through a model home in the Ballyshannon neighborhood. Watch the video to get a feel for what you can expect from a home builder like Fischer Homes.

Team Sztanyo On-Site at New Construction Homes in Ballyshannon

New Construction Homes in Union, KY - Ballyshannon Neighborhood | $200s - $500s


Hey, YouTube. We are out in Union, Kentucky on another overcast wintery March day here in Northern Kentucky, and we’re looking at new construction homes in Union, KY.

Ballyshannon in Union, KY Neighborhood Tour

20 years ago, I used to drive down this road right here, past those farms over there and go play some golf out at Lassing Pointe, when I was a high school kid. Now, Union is getting developed like crazy. So let’s go take a look at some of these neighborhoods and some of the new homes that are being built.

All right. Hey, guys. Welcome back. It’s Eric Sztanyo from Keller Williams Realty and where we are helping families find their way home. And I tell you what, I can not catch a break on the weather. It’s another cloudy, rainy cold day here. I promise you the weather is not always like this in Cincinnati Kentucky.

Today I’m out here. We just cut through Orleans. I’m in Union, Kentucky at the Orleans neighborhood. This was built over the last 10 plus years or so, and today we’re looking at the Ballyshannon subdivision. There’s an Irish theme here to Ballyshannon. Everything’s got clovers and Irish. It’s kind of fun. I don’t know. It’s cool. The streets name are all Ireland. It feels like I’m on an island. And I don’t know. I should be digging up potatoes or something today. But let’s go look at the houses that are in this neighborhood, and the model home here. So you guys can look at some of the new homes that are being built out here in Union, Kentucky.

ballyshannon neighborhood in union ky by fischer homes - team sztanyo

Here in the lake, you can do some fishing on a bright, sunny day. Your kids are up here at the playground and at the pool. And this is a really cool neighborhood. One of the things that are really interesting and nice about this neighborhood, they’re selling homes from the $200,000s up to the $500,000s. So there’s a lot of range in the different price points of this neighborhood. And you see that in the different styles as you’re kind of driving through. It’s like, there’s a lot of different options you can get here. All right, let’s go inside of this model home and check it out here.

4 Different Collections of Fisher Homes in Ballyshannon Union, KY

Here in Ballyshannon, as I mentioned before, there’s a big range of price points ranging from the 200s, all the way up into the 500s. And Fischer Homes, the way they kind of do their pricing and their different collections, they call them, they’ve got four different home collections.

The Maple Street homes are kind of their lower price. Then they have Patio Homes, Designer Homes, and a Masterpiece collection. And this neighborhood sells Maple Street, Designer and Masterpiece collection homes.

Currently, they don’t have any lots for sale in Maple Street. That would be in the 200s. But they do have this home that we’re looking at, the Avery, which is in the designer collection. They’ve got about eight lots available. And for the Masterpiece collection, they also have about eight lots available. And coming later this summer, probably, they will open up another phase of development where you can probably get some of those Maple Street homes. All right, guys.

Tour of Avery Home Design by Fischer Homes

New Home Builders in Union, KY- House

Looking at the Avery home of the designer collection, it’s approximately 2,500 square feet, and you’ve got a few different designs you can choose from. The urban modern, the coastal cottage, the modern farmhouse and the western craftsmen.

And one of the things that are really unique about this home, in particular, is that it features a five-level design. So it’s kind of stacked as you walk through it. It’s pretty cool.

New Home Builders in Union, KY- Office

There’s an included family foyer. There’s an included pocket office. This is also something that I think is really cool. Right off of the kitchen, there’s a pocket office with an optional built-in desk. So if you need to do a little work, and obviously we’re spending most of our time in the kitchen, you can just pop into that office and set up your little home computer there, your laptop, whatever, and get some work done right there.

It’s a two-story family home, but it’s got this unique five-level design, which is cool. As you walk in, there’s an open kitchen design with a large island and a large walk-in pantry.

new construction homes in Union, KY- Kitchen

And it really opens up really nicely into the living room. There’s kind of a morning room right off of the kitchen. That’s really nice as well.

new construction homes in Union, KY- Living room
new construction homes in Union, KY - Patio

Now included in this five-level design is this recreation room, which is just down a few steps from the family room. So you can kind of do what you want with that. You can make that kind of a man-cave. You can make that kind of an extra family room. It can be a playroom for the kids. You can do a lot of different things with that extra rec room that’s kind of just a few steps down from the family room.

And then around the corner, you walk into a large unfinished basement space, which can be used for a lot of storage, and other options there.

5-Level Design With Owner’s Suite on Its Own Level

Now, the other thing that’s kind of cool is you go up a few stairs and the owner’s suite is located on its own private level.So this is kind of really cool. You’re not on the first floor, but in between really the family room and the bedrooms on the second level is the owner’s suite.

avery master bedroom 5 level home - ballyshannon union ky - team sztanyo

And so I’ve talked to the Fischer reps before on this. And one of the reasons, a lot of people like it is as your kids are growing and becoming teenagers, instead of your room is on one end of the hall. And the kids can maybe sneak down past the stairs, in this layout, the kids have to walk by your owner’s suite in order to get up to their room. So it’s kind of cool, it’s also just more convenient in that it’s closer to the family room and the kitchen for you. There’s an oversized walk-in closet. There’s a convenient optional door from the owner’s walk-in closet to the laundry.

So right off your large oversized walk-in closet, you can have laundry right here on your owner’s suite here, which is really nice. And there’s a variety of owner’s level bath options, configurations, and this bathroom there’s dual shower head, dual vanities, which is super nice. And then going on to the upper level, there’s three additional bedrooms and a full bathroom located on their own level and the upper level balcony provides dynamic views into the family room below.

All right, guys, I hope you’re liking this video. If you haven’t already, please take just a second, click the like button. Comment below. What other videos do you want to see? We’ve done a lot of real estate and new construction around the area, but we’re trying to fill out this channel with all things real estate and maybe even expand it to just what’s it like to live in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. But leave a comment below, let us know what you like, let us know what videos you want to see. Click the like button and subscribe to the channel. We’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

Reason Why Families Choose to Buy New Construction homes in Union, KY- Ballyshannon

A huge reason why people are flocking to Ballyshannon right now, it’s super convenient in terms of the location. You guys can kind of see on the map where we’re at in Union, Kentucky, just outside, if you cut through Orleans, you’re at the brand new Kroger marketplace and the shopping and all the developments that are happening in Union, Kentucky.

And another huge reason, honestly, why people are choosing Ballyshannon is the neighborhood was basically built around a middle school. So Ballyshannon Middle School is kind of right in the heart of this neighborhood. So super convenient in terms of your kids going to school. You’re also going to Long Branch Elementary, and the high school, school district here is for Cooper High School.

All right, guys, a lot of growth out here in Union, Kentucky. As I said at the beginning of this video, I used to drive out here and it was nothing but farms and well, some of those farmers sold some land and builders are building a lot of homes.

So this is really an area where a lot of people want to go in terms of the school district. They want to get to in terms of amenities and convenience. It’s a great neighborhood, Ballyshannon here.

We’re going to probably do some videos of some other places because there are some other neighborhoods in Union, Kentucky that people were trying to get to as well, Triple Crown being one of them. Triple Crown has an amazing, amazing private golf course in the country club there that a lot of people want to be around.

But this neighborhood Ballyshannon, lots of growth, lots of new homes, super great neighborhood, close to the schools, close to a lot of the amenities here in Union and Northern Kentucky and where a lot of growth is. It’s a great option, lots of different styles of homes to choose from, lots of different price points to choose from.

So if you’re trying to avoid that insane seller’s market that’s out there right now, and having a hard time buying a resale home, new construction in Union, KY might be the way you want to go. As I’ve recommended in the other videos where we’ve done with new construction. By the way, if you haven’t seen those videos, we’ve done Mason, Westchester, Independence, different areas, Deerfield Township, but we’re starting to fill these out with more Northern Kentucky videos.

Get a Realtor on Your Side – It’s Free!

But before you go into that model home, I recommend certainly you can buy the house from the sales rep themselves, but just know that every single builder inside of their proforma already has a budget for the buyer’s agent. So buyer’s agent is somebody that you would hire that doesn’t cost you a dime because the builder’s paying for them, paying for their commission, but they’re going to represent you throughout the entire process, both in the contracts and then while the home is being built.

During the construction phases, the inspection phases, you’ve got somebody on your side, in your corner, who’s looking out for your best interests. And like I said, the builders already have this built into the proforma. So there’s really no reason not to do that. If it’s not us, I hope it’s us. But if it’s not us, just make sure you get out there and talk to a realtor and get someone on your side before you go looking at new construction homes in Union, KY.

Okay guys, that’s going to wrap it up for this one. Thank you so much for watching. As I said, if you haven’t already, please click the like button, please subscribe, and we’ll be bringing more content your way. We’ll see you next time.

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