Homes For Sale in Anderson Township, OH

Homes For Sale in Anderson Township, OH

Homes in Anderson Township OH have moved very fast over the past few years with the Cincinnati real estate market having high demand from buyers and very little supply. This desirable community boasts top schools, while still offering affordable homes. The median home value in Anderson Township is $230,800. There’s good reason why a lot of buyers in the Cincinnati market are looking for homes for sale in Anderson Township.

If you compare that to another top suburb of Cincinnati, Mason, OH, you will find that the median home price in Mason, OH $249,000. So, shopping for homes for sale in Anderson Township may give you a slight discount over other communities.

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Living in Anderson Township, OH

When it comes to the different suburbs of Cincinnati, Anderson Township is always near the top of the list of desired communities for homeowners. With top rated schools at the Forest Hills School District, as well as a fantastic Parks system, Anderson township provides residents with a flourishing community, while still be close to Downtown Cincinnati.

Anderson Towship, OH earns an A+ rating from for the overall niche grade. The suburb is great for families, has great walking trails and outdoor activities, and will keep any commute minimal. There are about 44,000 residents in Anderson Township, OH.

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Living in Anderson Township, Cincinnati, OH | Anderson Homes for Sale


Anderson township is an awesome suburb on the East side of Cincinnati. And if you’re looking for homes for sale in Anderson Township and want to know a little bit about the community, that’s what we’re going to talk about in this video.

All right. Hey guys. Welcome back! It’s Eric Sztanyo from Keller Williams Realty and, where we are helping families find their way home. And today I’m out on the East side of Cincinnati in Anderson Township.

Why Residents Love Living in Anderson Township, Cincinnati, OH

Currently right now I’m at Juilfs Park, which is just one of the many, many great parks here in Anderson township. And, you know, this is really a great, great neighborhood if you’re looking at different neighborhoods to buy a home in Cincinnati, for many reasons.

Anderson High School - forest hills school district - top rated cincinnati schools

First, the school system is great. So, a lot of families want to move into this community because, Forest Hills schools are such a great, top rated school system. Another reason is, well look behind me and around me, the parks here are wonderful. So, they’ve got a really extensive park system, great hiking trails, you know, different places that you can go and enjoy the outdoors.There are plenty of places to go to hike, have fun, get outside, enjoy. They do a really, really good job of that here in Anderson Township, OH.

anderson towne center - kroger, mcalisters's deli - shops

Another thing you’ve seen recently in the last, five years or so is the development of the Anderson Towne Center. It’s really been built up to be a nice area to shop, get something nice to eat. There are entertainment movies theaters that weren’t there. Several years ago, they didn’t have that. You had to go maybe more downtown.

I actually have a special affinity here for Anderson Township, because I lived here for about eight years of my life when I was a younger man. I was part of a ministry for high school students actually. And, one of the first experiences I had was going to Anderson high school and going to a football game there. And what immediately stood out to me, was just the sense of community that there was here. There was a large alumni section, you know, parents and grandparents who had gone to Anderson high school themselves. (And as you can see the park behind me here), and, they were supporting, you know, their children and grandchildren. And that was just, that was really striking to me.

As I lived here, I realized there really is a strong sense of community here. People who have who’ve grown up here and who moved back here, because it’s just such a great place to raise a family.

Affordability in Anderson Township, OH

I’m going to go do a home preview here really soon, but another reason why so many people are looking for homes for sale in Anderson township is when they’re comparing this neighborhood to maybe other top rated school systems in Cincinnati, maybe like Loveland or Mason, or, you know, a Hyde park, or Blue Ash.

What you’ll see here is the median home price of homes in Anderson township is actually quite good. It’s a fairly affordable. Now you have homes that are in the, you know, 500, 600, $700,000s, that are, that are a bit nicer and even a couple, you know, in the, in the millions that are in the nicer, really nice homes in the area. But for the most part, the median home price, I believe is right around a $230,000, I want to say.

So, you’ll see a lot of these, uh, and we’ll go look at one here in just a minute, but you’ll see some of these homes that are really affordable, but also offer three, four bedrooms, where you can, uh, have plenty of space to raise your family and live out here in Anderson township. So here I’ll sign off here from Juilfs Park and I will go take a look at a house here.

4 Bedroom 2 Bath, Home Preview in Anderson Township

All right. So here we are at a home for sale on Yellow Glen. We’re right in between Clough Pike and Beechmont Avenue, right off of Eight Mile road. And there’s a bunch of neighborhoods in this area off of Clough, Eight Mile, Nagel, Wolfangle Road, where these homes were built maybe in the late sixties, early nineteen seventies. And they’re all, you know, a lot of them look like this, where they’re just kind of these, box style homes. They’re four bedrooms, two, two, and a half baths. A lot of times, maybe a finished basement, maybe not, or you’ve got a ranch home, something like this, you know, that might be a three bed ranch with a basement, but this, this is a very, common style of a home you might see in Anderson Township.

typical style of home in anderson township, cincinnati, oh

If you’re looking at homes for sale that are really affordable, then you can find these homes, you know, in the $250,000s up to maybe $350,000 on the high end. If it’s newer and more finished, but in that range, um, and if you get a really good deal or something that needs some work, maybe a little lower than 250, but let’s check this one out and I’ll give you a look at the home from the inside.

All right, let’s take a look here. So walk in, we’ve got the stairs going up. We’ve got the bedrooms upstairs, straight through to the kitchen. We’ve got kind of a little, a family room over here, off the side, and we’ve got another, you know, use this as a living or dining or, you know, another living room sitting room, dining room area here. And walking around in the kitchen.

So this layout is very similar to something, what you might see in one of these homes or something like it now. As you can see with this home, it’s dated. It needs updates. The kitchen is dated. The appliances are dated. Like I said, this was built in sixties or seventies. So you’ve got this amazing Nutone Solid State Music Intercom on the wall.

This one is honestly, it’s been on the market for, about 60 days. And let’s, uh, let’s take a look here real quick. So going upstairs and you see, okay, we’ve got bedroom here. We’ve got a hallway down to two more bedrooms down here. Again, you can see the paint, the wallpaper, the carpets, all are dated. So all of that needs work. And, what you probably have from the seller is thinking, “everything’s selling an Anderson really fast. Maybe, I can sell my home fast too.”

And so here we are in the master bedroom and you’ve got a little dressing area, a walk in closet and the dated master bathroom.

So what’s going on? Yeah. So this one in particular, I know it’ll probably be gone when you watch this video. I’m sure you’re not going to buy this one, but I wanted to give you a feel for some of the homes here in Anderson, especially the layout. And, you know, this one, they listed it around $300,000. It’s down around two $280,000 right now. So it’s overpriced. And, it’s at 60 days on the market, which is crazy rare to have a home on the market that long in this seller’s market. It’s either overpriced, or something is wrong with it.

And that’s kind of what I wanted to say. If you’re looking for homes for sale in the area, you know, you’re either gonna find something like this that might be a little overpriced, or they’re going to go really fast because the schools are great because the community is central to downtown.

You’ve got a very small commute if you’ve got a job downtown. Plus, you’ve got the buildup of the Anderson Towne Center. Plus you’ve got a strong community, great schools, great parks, you know. And, it’s all affordable.

Juilfs park - anderson township, cincinnati, oh - clough pike

Most homes in Anderson Township are going really, really fast. And so, you know, I’d recommend either being ready to pull the trigger really fast. Or, you could, you know, the other option if you’re looking to get it, and it’s the buy something like this that needs the cosmetic work and needs the updating. And you’re like, that’s fine. We can get in the house, we can roll up the sleeves. Rhe other thing you could do is check out new construction homes in Anderson Township. I’m going to do another video on that here, hopefully in the future. But for now, I’ll wrap this one up.

If you are looking for homes for sale in Anderson township or need moving advice, please give us a call over at Team Sztanyo (513-813-6293). Check out this link for tips on moving. We’d love to help you out!

If this video is helpful for you guys, I’d really appreciate it if you could like and subscribe. If you’re looking for any kind of houses here in the Cincinnati area, or you have any kind of real estate needs, whether that’s buying or selling or investing, please subscribe to our channel. We’re going to continue to be building out content about Cincinnati real estate and, keep, hopefully bringing you videos like this one. So you guys can get a really, really good sense for the feel of the neighborhood and not just everything that looks glossy on the outside. All right, guys, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next time!

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