Tips For Staging Your Home For Less In Greater Cincinnati

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Tips for Staging Your Home for Less | Sell Your Home and Make MORE $$$ on the Sale

When you list your home for sale, preparation and presentation are two key ingredients for a quick sale at the price you need. Mostly that presentation means effective staging to showcase your home’s best features, especially for online house hunters. But many sellers, naturally, balk at the price of professional staging, which runs about $300-$600 for the initial design consultation and then around $500-$600 per room per month after that. So here are some tips for staging your home for less in Greater Cincinnati. Staging your house to get the best first impression is the key to sell your house fast but if you are on a tight budget then you might have questions like How can I stage my house cheaply? What should you not do when staging a house? How can I stage my home to sell faster? Do It Yourself Home Staging Tips? We are going to take a step further and show you the tips for staging your home for less and even for free!Tips For Staging Your Home For Less - Paint

Add a Few Mirrors

Effectively staging your home for less in Greater Cincinnati means, first of all, making sure your home appears brighter and bigger. Adding some mirrors to darker rooms can help you achieve that pleasing appearance. It’s relatively easy and will make those rooms seem brighter and roomier. In addition to making a room seem brighter and less cramped, beautifully designed mirrors can add style and grace. Just be sure the mirror style complements your color scheme and other furnishings to make rooms feel more curated and designed.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot either because you can often find quality mirrors in second-hand shops and at garage and yard sales.

Install Window Treatments

Another great idea for staging your home for less in Greater Cincinnati is to let in more light and use that light to show off your home’s best features. So jettison all those old, heavy, light-blocking drapes and replace them with lighter, breezier window treatments like sheers or light, floor-length curtains. Installing new window treatments that let in more light is another way to make rooms seem bigger and more open. And, often, the illusion is just as good as the reality for buyers.

Use White Towels

Next to the kitchen, the bathrooms are probably the important rooms to home buyers. So an easy, inexpensive tactic for staging your home for less in Cincinnati is to put out new clean, crisp white towels in the bathrooms. White is best, but if you don’t really want white, make sure to use other light, single-color hues. The idea is to create a spa-like feel, and colored towels just don’t achieve that effect.

Deploy Complimentary Rugs

New rugs for staging your home for less – it almost always works to brighten a room and make it all hang together as a unified whole. Rugs that complement a room’s feel and color scheme break up the monotonous expanse of uniform flooring. But the rugs absolutely have to be the right size and complement everything else in the room, fitting both the room and the furniture. Try to avoid rugs that are either too small or too large for space. The rule of thumb is this:  the legs of couches and chairs should only touch the edge of the rug, but no more than that.

Get Rid of Your Personality

Maybe the most important of all the tips for staging your home for less in Greater Cincinnati is this one: do everything you can to erase your personality, getting rid of everything that marks your house as uniquely your home. Although you’ve invested much time, thought, and money in transforming your house into a home, buyers will find that fact unappealing. Buyers should be able to envision your house as their own home. Remove or replace everything that impresses your personality in the home, things like family photos, idiosyncratic curios, and personal clutter. The goal is to make it easy for buyers to see it as their own by making it seem like a blank canvass ready to be painted anew.

It’s important to have the best first impression. Make some upgrades like simply giving your house a new paint, fix anything that is broken, clean up your yard and throw what needs to be thrown. Do not personalized. Make your clients see themselves actually living and doing their daily chores in your house.

Use an Agent Who Knows Staging

You don’t have to spend a small fortune on professional staging to sell your home. Staging your home for less in Greater Cincinnati can be effectively done. It just takes a little planning and knowledge. And a local agent with staging expertise can be a big help. We can help you stage for less so that you can sell your home quicker. Just contact us today! (513) 813-6293

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