Tips For A Fast Sale of Your House in Cincinnati

The summer is a prime selling season for homes in most markets and that includes Cincinnati and NKY. People are looking to make a change while children are out on summer break. If you are selling your Cincy home, don’t rely on the hot market periods to put your house in the forefront of all homes on the market. Watch our video below and read the rest of the article for tips for a fast sale of your house in Cincinnati.

Tips for a Fast Sale of Your House in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky

Prepare the House

To sell your house quickly in Cincinnati, take the time to prepare the home. Just because it is a “fixer” in your opinion doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean it, clear the landscaping and declutter the home. The reason why we always recommend to clean and prep the house is that it is probably the one thing you can do that will have the biggest impact while only really costing you your time. With a little elbow grease, your property will become visible to all the possibilities a potential buyer might want.

On the outside, cut back trees and shrubs. Weed the yard and make sure the lawn is mowed. Remove any trash or stored building materials from the exterior of the home. These help a potential buyer see the land value for what it is without having to look through weeds. A little bit can go such a long way. Many people think about a repair that would cost them thousands, but if they only focus on the preparation of the house, they could keep their budget in the hundreds.

Price It Right

If you want to sell quickly, price the house right. This means doing your research and heeding the advice of your real estate agent. You don’t have to make it a fire sale, liquidating it for pennies on the dollar. However, setting a price that attracts a wide variety of buyers that includes investors and home buyers puts a lot of eyes on the property.

Eyes on the property generally translate into offers. Sometimes a lower priced home warrants multiple offers well above listing price but generates the buzz to liquidate quickly. Price shows you are motivated to sell quickly.

How do you price the home right? How does a Realtor come up with the valuation of your home? Check out this video where we dive into the details on how we come up with a comparative market analysis to value your home.

Aggressively Market

Let your agent hold broker open houses as well as several open houses to the public. Allow listings to happen before the house hits the MLS so you can potentially generate offers via pocket listings through your realtor’s network of other agents and buyers.

Get professional photos taken that show the house if its best possible light and do the research for potential buyers about the neighborhood. Highlight great schools, parks or unique attractions. If people feel your neighborhood is a place to be, they will want to get into a home fast.

We hire some of the best photographers in the city. And once we get the best photos, we market your home not only on the MLS and syndicated websites, but on our social sites where we put marketing dollars behind boosting your home as well.

Consider Owner-Financing

When you market your home in a way that suggests you are willing to carry the note and help a buyer finance the purchase, you will get more eyes on the property. Buyers don’t qualify for mortgages for a variety of reasons and sometimes that has little to do with their ability to afford the mortgage payment. They might not have the down payment or have had a specific life-event that prevents them from qualifying at the moment.

Work with your real estate agent and a good lender to fully understand how to vet non-traditional buyers who will do everything required to buy the house and meet the demands of owner-financing.

If you are uncertain about the best course of action to sell your home quickly in Cincinnati, contact our professional real estate agents today. We’ll give you a free seller’s consultation to help you assess exactly what needs to be done to sell quickly yet profitably.

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