How Team Sztanyo Works With Cincinnati Real Estate Investors

Cincinnati real estate investors need the assistance of an agent who understands their needs. When your hard-earned capital is on the line, it’s both sensible and prudent to know how those finances are being utilized to get you the returns you deserve as rapidly as possible. To better understand the intricacies of the investor-agent relationship and how we benefit you, let’s see how Team Sztanyo works with Cincinnati Real Estate Investors.

How Team Sztanyo Works With Cincinnati Real Estate Investors- Partnership

Not Just Any Agent Will Do

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the difference between our real estate agents – who have investor experience – and those with none.

Your average real estate agent is used to dealing with homebuyers looking to meet the buyer’s individual domestic wants and needs when purchasing a property. On the other hand, an investor has a completely separate goal focused on the specific purpose of maximizing return on investment for Cincinnati real estate investors.

An agent with investor experience will take your wants and needs into consideration when moving forward with any real estate transaction like they would with your average homebuyer, and our agents will always value your feedback in helping to decide the types of properties to seek out for your next opportunity.

What are the benefits of working with a Real Estate Agent?

In laying out money into a real estate investment. You definitely need a highly recommendable real estate agent with direct experience in real estate investing! 

One of the main reasons and benefits of hiring a real estate agent is that they have extensive Market Knowledge. Top agents are well-versed with all aspects of the housing market, especially how different factors like mortgage interest rates and the unemployment rate can affect it. They also have intimate knowledge of street-by-street and even house-by-house market, for both buyers’ and sellers’ markets. Thus, they know the ins and outs of the market and know more details of homes for sale than the info found on the MLS.

Team Sztanyo believes in honesty, respect, and servanthood. And when you work with us for your real estate needs, you know you will have an expert who will serve your needs and be a strong negotiator on your behalf.

Know the Lay of the Land

We know that as a real estate investor, you are looking for a property to purchase with the intent to rent for smaller, long-term gains or sell outright for a more immediate return.

Our qualified and experienced agents will know which strategy you’re aiming for, and carefully comb through listings in order to find properties that can best accomplish either of these goals. If you’re finding yourself in a position where you aren’t sure which route to take, our agents are suited to investigate worthwhile properties in the area, run the numbers for both strategies, and advise which we feel would be most worth it for each of those properties and why.

No matter the strategy, our investor-focused agents use their local market knowledge to determine which properties make the most sense for your capital by keeping your margins at the forefront of their minds. Choosing to hire an agent lacking investment experience can quickly and easily find you drowning in a property once the after repair value is factored into the equation.

Hiring an Team Sztanyo agent with a focus on Cincinnati real estate investors means taking minimal calculated risks, and ensuring that you come out on top.

Unlock the Resources You Need

As can be expected, our agents have access to multiple listing services, but our knowledge of where to look off-market and who to talk to gives you the leg up when finding the right properties for the right prices.

The agents of Team Sztanyo have years of extensive networking contacts at the ready in order to make your real estate investment strategy pay off in spades. We have contacts with contractors, photographers/videographers, and marketers to push your property listings to the top of the pile.

Ultimately, we know how to bring eager buyers to the negotiation table and get interested renters calling.

Integrity and Involvement

Above all else, the agents of Team Sztanyo take their fiduciary responsibility seriously, and will always act in your best interests at all times.

During all points of negotiation, we take your desire to be more or less involved at the table to heart and either discuss the details with you or push forward with your blessing, based on your input. No matter the level of involvement you prefer, our agents work tirelessly to keep you updated on the goings-on.

We at Team Sztanyo understand that the efficiency of our working relationship is based on cooperation and a mutual understanding, and always work to keep all members of your real estate investment team in sync.

Agents Serving Cincinnati Real Estate Investors

A major task for investors, then, is determining exactly which properties best fit their business model and then sifting through all the possibilities to find exactly those properties. These are things a good agent can be a huge help with.

Investors work with agents so that they don’t have to shoulder all this burden themselves. As an investor, you build a relationship with your agent who then knows exactly what kind of properties you need. The money- and time-saving result is that you can just turn your agent loose with an idea of what to look for, and then your agent will go out and find it for you. With a thorough knowledge of your business model and business needs, a good agent can tell you what you should buy or not buy.

If you’re one of the many Cincinnati real estate investors looking for experienced, helpful professionals to partner with, contact us today at (513) 813-6293!

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