6 Repairs to Make NOW to Sell Your Home This Spring in Greater Cincinnati

You can no longer just throw your house up on the market and hope for the best. That used to work, but not so much anymore. Now the watchword is “fixing to sell,” which means that you’ll likely have to perform certain repairs and updates to meet buyers’ expectations. And this applies especially during spring when inventory is higher and buyers can be pickier.  So below are 6 repairs to make now to sell your home this spring. Most buyers usually would opt to purchase a home that has a lesser to zero repairs requirement. Hence, no seller would want a halted deal for the reason that the inspector found an issue that would displease and make the buyer change their mind. Doing some prevention can be done to avoid this kind of unnecessary situation. Read more to learn more about the repairs to make now to sell your home in Greater Cincinnati!

Repairs to Make NOW to Sell Your Home This Spring- Home Repairs

1. Large Mechanical and Structural Issues First

The first thing to see among the repairs to make now to sell your home this spring in Greater Cincinnati are the large mechanical and structural issues that inspectors are sure to look at. The most common areas here are the foundation, roof, and HVAC unit. Taking care of these larger repairs will inspire buyer confidence and will keep you from having to renegotiate right before closing.

2. Landscaping and Curb Appeal

First impressions are hugely important, and that’s why this is one of the important repairs to make now to sell your home this spring in Greater Cincinnati. In the spring especially, the appearance of your lawn will be important to buyers. So if that privacy fence is sagging and missing planks, fix it. Also, make sure the trees and shrubs are trimmed up and the mulch is new and fresh-looking.

No one wants to experience having clients want to drive away before even going inside!
You never get a second chance to make a great first impression. So put plenty of effort into improving your home’s curb appeal as the first part of getting your house ready for a showing. The outside of your home is the first thing prospective buyers will see when they pull up for viewing.

3. Kitchen

The kitchen is always important to buyers. They will inspect appliances and countertops and will look inside doors to see if the faucet supply lines or drains are leaking. You don’t have to perform a major kitchen renovation, but you do need to repair broken floor tiles, leaking faucets, and chipped countertops.

4. Flooring

Floors, too, are important to buyers, so they also fall under the repairs to make now to sell your Greater Cincinnati home this spring. Do you need to replace the living room carpet or at least have it cleaned? Your hardwood floors may also need to be stripped, re-sanded, and re-finished.

5. Bathrooms

Bathroom showers and toilets are almost always in need of some kind of repair. And you can be sure buyers will closely examine the bathrooms. Grout, that perennial mildew catcher, is something you can’t neglect. You may be able to get by with a steam cleaning, but if that doesn’t work, you should consider re-grouting the ceramic tiles. Anything you can do to brighten bathrooms will add to your home’s perceived value.

6. Cosmetic Matters

After you’ve seen to all these larger matters, then you can consider cosmetic repairs that will add to your home’s appeal. Many of these may seem trivial to you, but you just never know what little flaw a buyer may latch onto.

First, consider the walls. You should fill in all holes and dents and repaint where necessary, always making sure to choose lighter neutral colors. It’s generally a good idea to replace all outlets, switches, and their plates with clean new ones. In addition, you should probably replace old light fixtures and ceiling fans. And don’t forget the hardware in the bathrooms and kitchens, the drawer pulls and the cabinet handles.

If you’ve taken care of these repairs to make now to sell your Greater Cincinnati home this spring, you should be good to go. Yet things don’t always go as planned, so sometimes you need the help of qualified real estate professionals.

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