How To Add More Value to Your House in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky

The idea of homeownership is to build equity in your home that becomes an asset over time. In fact, a home is often the largest asset many people will ever have with the exception of perhaps a retirement plan. There are ways for you to maximize the value of the asset before you sell. Improvements can happen over time or in preparation for an upcoming sale. How to add more value to your house in Cincinnati or NKY requires logical improvements meeting the demands of most buyers.

how to add value to or Northern KY home


The Curb Appeal

Every realtor that is familiar with escrow contracts will tell you that curb appeal in Cincinnati or NKY is one of the best ways to add more value to your house. When people want to walk up, sit on the porch or play in the front grass, you know you have accomplished a good thing.

Obviously, curb appeal will look different depending on what area you are in. For example, If you live in Walton, KY and have 2 acres of land surrounding your home, your “curb appeal” will look much different than someone who owns a townhome in OTR.  When thinking about curb appeal it is important to think about your area and your audience. Where is your home located and what are the people who live in this area typically looking for? These are the questions to ask yourself when working on the exterior look of your home.

But what is appealing?

Appealing is a bit of a relative term, after all, what appeals to one person might be completely different to another. Hardscaping and drought-resistant types of front yards are often created for simplicity, ease of upkeep and environmental benefits. However, these aren’t the selling tools for your home. Get some grass out there, even if it isn’t a lot, add color with flowers, and trim things back. While someone might come in after buying and put cement everywhere, you’ll attract more buyers with a traditionally appealing front.

Open Things Up

You don’t need to tear down walls to open things up. Sure this is the common practice in almost every HGTV remodeling show in existence. Everyone wants an open floor plan. If you are planning on being in the home for a while before selling and want an open floor plan, by all means, get the sledgehammer out.

However, you can open things up by making sure windows are cleared of clutter and trees outside are trimmed. Natural light opens up every room. Lengthen drapery to create a feeling of taller ceilings. Keep things light and neutral colors using accent walls to highlight room features. Furnish to the size of the room, not to the years you’ve been in the house.

Update Essentials

Adding value often means keeping up with the basics. Yes, the exciting things that homeowners hate to deal with: plumbing, heating, AC, roofs, and appliances. A person who has taken the time to budget and repair or replaces these home items regularly has most likely taken the time to care for the rest of the house. This might include changing weather rotted window trims, broken screens and keeping rain gutters free and clear of debris.

Would you pay as much for a house that needed a new roof? Sounds crazy, but upkeep adds value.

Odds and Ends

Sure a person can do an entire remodel to increase value. Kitchens and bathrooms are generally the rooms to redo; they offer the biggest returns on investment. With that being said, replacing faucets and doorknobs can do a lot to update and enhance a home. Changing the hardware on kitchen cabinets with a fresh coat of paint is sometimes enough to change the entire look and feel of a kitchen. Doing little things over time is less overwhelming and feels less costly than doing it all at once.

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