A Beginners Guide To Renovating Your New Home In Cincinnati

So you’ve bought a new home, and you want to make it look even better and feel more comfortable – more you. Or maybe you’re looking for a new home you can renovate, one that you can make into your special project. Renovating your new home is not an easy task. It can be overwhelming with all the planning and hard work. Either way, when it comes to the actual renovation, you need to keep a few things in mind. So here’s a beginners guide to renovating your new home in Cincinnati.

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Formulate a Plan

Before you ever pick up a hammer or paintbrush, you need a plan for renovating your new home in Cincinnati. You need to be able to see the bigger picture as well as the many parts, the forest, and the trees. It’s a lot like working a jigsaw puzzle: in order to get all those many interlocking pieces in the right places, you have to look at the picture on the box of the completed puzzle. Ask your agent to help you find a designer and a contractor to help brainstorm and formulate the plan. Find out how by calling (513) 813-6293.

Do Some Math

Then you need to put pencil to paper and work out a strict budget for your renovation project. You need to know exactly how much you can spend on each phase of the renovation and on each room. It’s better to err on the side of caution here. You definitely don’t want to get part way through the renovation and then have to put it on hold because you ran out of money.

Now let’s examine some tactics to achieve the look you want while still remaining within your budget.

Use Mirrors in Small Rooms

Remember that you’re renovating your new home in Cincinnati – not doing a major remodel. So in those small rooms, you don’t have to start knocking out walls to make them bigger. You can make small rooms appear bigger by strategically placing some mirrors in them. It’s an effective trick architects have used for hundreds of years.

Install Larger Windows

Keep in mind, too, that a big part of a pleasant indoor living experience is being able to see the outdoors from inside. But you can’t do that very well when the windows are tiny. Installing larger windows will afford a better view of the outdoors, as well as letting more light in to make rooms feel more spacious. Even if new windows aren’t within your budget, you can still achieve something of the same effect. Just paint window trim in a lighter shade than the rest of the room to maximize the light coming in.

Small Changes for a Big Difference in the Bathroom

Renovating your new home doesn’t necessarily mean a major bathroom overhaul either. New fixtures and a new toilet seat, along with regrouting, can make your bathroom look and feel new. Then all you need to do is get a new shower curtain and some new mats. Real estate and renovation experts agree that the most important place to concentrate your efforts in the bathroom is the tile – if not new tile, then scrubbed and regrouted.

Concentrate on Countertops in the Kitchen

Refinishing cabinets and installing new hardware will work wonders to brighten up an old kitchen, as well as adding storage space to get the clutter out of sight. But nothing dates a kitchen and makes it look older than it actually is than an old, worn, dingy countertop. Replacing the countertop(s) is probably the most noticeable change you can make in your kitchen. Everyone can see that new slab of marble.

Beginners Guide To Renovating Your New Home- Empty house

Rugs for the Bedrooms

New light fixtures, new rugs, and some wall accents can do a lot for a bedroom. With new rugs, you can have a new floor without the effort and expense of installing new flooring. Experts suggest layering the new rugs to divert your eye from unattractive tile or carpet.

Keep in mind that renovating your new home in Cincinnati is not the same as remodeling. Renovating isn’t as extensive or deep – it doesn’t involve major structural changes and is thousands of dollars less expensive.

Home Renovation Guide in Cincinnati

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