5 Reasons Why You Need a Buyers Agent When Buying a House in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky

Getting ready to buy a home can feel like a big challenge, but having the right experienced and qualified real estate agent on your side can make all the difference. To understand just how important hiring an agent can be, here are 5 reasons why you need a buyers agent when buying a house in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky:

Know the Lay of the Land

The first thing you normally do when you start looking for a property to buy is to get an idea of what neighborhoods will fit within your budget. Along with this, it is important to know your budget and only shop within what you can afford. 

Normally, your agent will set you up with some type of MLS search where homes that fit your budget and your criteria are automatically be sent to you. This can be helpful as you will not get sidetracked with listings that do not match what you want or what you can afford. 

As someone who has lived in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area their entire life, I am extremely familiar with all of the areas and neighborhoods. I would love to help you find the perfect place to settle down! 

Agents Bring Access

One big plus that an agent brings to the table is access to their network of resources.

Multiple Listing Services – or MLS – are large databases of properties for sale that quickly link agents with selling agents. Besides an online database providing useful information, agents will know other agents who may have the right property for you.

If both your buying agent and the selling agent work in the same agency, your agent may even be able to cut a better deal for you during negotiations. Sometimes the difference between getting a great deal and having to whittle your way through negotiations is a matter of who knows whom.

Divide Responsibilities

Transferring ownership of any property requires a lot of work in the background, including a pile of official, legally binding documents.

Chances are you’ll feel like your plate is full searching through home listings and attending open houses and showings, so taking some of these less glamorous tasks away from you should be liberating and reason enough why you need a buyers agent. Having an agent to prepare all contracts and paperwork will relieve you of a whole lot of stress, and all that’s required of you is your signature.

In regard to showings, your agent will communicate with both you and the sellers to schedule showings at a convenient time for both parties in order to ensure a smooth experience for all involved. During showings, they can provide a critical eye that might just help you avoid some nasty situations down the road.

Keep Things Professional

Once you have put in an offer on a property, you’re stuck waiting for the sellers to either accept or provide a counter-offer.

An agent’s experience will shine during negotiations, so be willing to ask for advice and let them guide you in the right direction. Some flexibility based on the advice of your agent could be the difference between walking away and starting all over on another property versus looking forward to a closing date.

Another reason you need a buyers agent is they provide an emotional filter throughout showings and negotiations.

It’s easy for a buyer to get excited about a property only to have their hopes dashed if their offer isn’t immediately accepted. Your agent will try to temper expectations accordingly in order to keep negotiations both professional and productive.

Help Finding Financing

Unfortunately, buying property requires some substantial upfront capital, and it’s very likely you will need to find some financing to make this purchase happen.

Your agent will have contacts at different mortgage lenders and can help you find the right mortgage type and lender to fit your needs. There’s even a chance that having an agent with personal connections to a specific lender could assist you in securing a lower interest rate on your mortgage.

If you need a buyers agent in Cincinnati, look no farther than our experienced, professional team. Contact us today at (513) 813-6293!

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