5 Moving Mistakes People Make in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Moving is a task we all dread. It’s hectic, it’s hair-pulling, and it’s just flat out a lot of work. However, it doesn’t have to be as bad as it usually is for most people. If you’re aware of the most common moving mistakes, then you’ll be better able to avoid making them yourself. With enough foreknowledge, moving could even become an exciting adventure. So let’s examine 5 moving mistakes people make in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

5 Moving Mistakes People Make in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

1. Trying to DIY It

Perhaps one of the top Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky moving mistakes is that people try to do it all themselves when they really shouldn’t. And that’s understandable: professional movers aren’t cheap. But, as most people soon discover, professional movers are worth the fees that they charge.

Even if you have plenty of friends and family to help, the professionals can usually do it all better and faster. They can also do it more safely. Do you really want to risk damaging your precious family heirlooms because you just had to do it yourself in order to save a few bucks? Besides, having the necessary experience and expertise, movers typically carry insurance in case something does go wrong.

2. Not Allowing Enough Packing Time

Almost always, people don’t realize how long it will take to pack for a move and thus wind up making one of the more costly moving mistakes. Often, things you think will take only a few minutes wind up taking an hour (or hours). Optimism is a good quality, but it’s better to be realistic about packing time.

Not only does allowing enough time reduce stress, but it also results in a better packing job – which usually means far fewer broken items when you unpack. Also, this can greatly speed up the unpacking processes as well. If everything is well organized and labeled, unpacking in your new home should be a breeze. So, estimate how long you think it will take to pack and then add another two days.

3. Not Getting Throwing Things Away

Another of the very common moving mistakes in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, this is one you should certainly avoid. Not all moving companies are created equal – some just don’t or can’t do a good job. So you simply must research companies before making a selection.

Start by getting referrals and recommendations from friends and family who have moved recently. Then move on to the reputable third-party review sites and check out reviews. Keep in mind that money shouldn’t really be the prime consideration. You also need to check efficiency, quality, and ability to move your belongings safely.

If you need help or suggestions on this, Team Sztanyo is always happy to help you out, give us a call!

5. Getting the Wrong or Too Little Insurance

This one of the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky moving mistakes can impact you financially if things go drastically wrong. Don’t fail to get the right moving insurance.

Interstate movers are required by federal regulations to offer two kinds of insurance protection: released-value protection and full-value protection. Released value covers your belongings at 60 cents per pound, but full value provides coverage according to your own evaluation of those belongings. Full-value protection isn’t, though, as rosy as it sounds – you’ll get a replacement item or repair, not a check for what you think a damaged item is worth.

It pays then for you to take out your own separate liability insurance, as well as additional moving insurance from a third party (not the moving company). Check into the kinds of insurance your moving company offers, and don’t hesitate to make up any deficiencies with your own insurance.

Bonus: Not Using an Agent

An additional one of the common moving mistakes in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky involves not using a local real estate agent. Local agents have their finger on the pulse of the local real estate market. That means that they are familiar with the best professionals, including movers, in the area. Your agent can not only help you find and buy a house, but she can also assist you with important aspects of the move. If you choose to work with Team Sztanyo, we will assure your moving process is as easy as possible.

Find out today how our agents can help you avoid moving mistakes. Reach out to us today at (513) 813-6293!

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