New Construction Homes in Independence, KY

New Home Builders in Independence, KY

Are you looking for new construction homes in Independence, KY? Independence is a suburb of Cincinnati with a population of 27,683. Independence is in Kenton County and is one of the best places to live in Kentucky. Living in Independence offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes. In Independence, there are a lot of parks. Many families and young professionals live in Independence and residents tend to be conservative. The public schools in Independence are above average. This is enough reason why people are into searching for new construction homes in Independence, KY.

greenbriar by fischer homes - affordable homes for sale in independence ky

Buying a newly built home is a different process, and you’ll want to work with an experienced Northern Kentucky real estate agent who can be your trusted guide. Often, when you are working with home builders, they will walk you through the design process. However, you still will want an agent on your side who is serving your best interests. Remember, the builder is the one who pays the commission for the buyers’ agent, not you! Other topics like home warranties, incentives and inspections are also important to discuss when it comes to new construction homes in Independence, KY. Be sure you are seeking out a local expert who specializes in helping buyers with new homes.

Keep reading for current new construction homes in Independence, KY for sale. And to find the home of your dreams, be sure you contact Eric at Team Sztanyo!

NKY Home Builders for New Construction in Independence, KY

There are several different Northern Kentucky home builders who have different new construction home communities in Independence, KY. Here are a few of them to choose from:

In the video tour below, Eric walks through a model home in the Greenbrook neighborhood. However, Fischer homes offer several different communities for new construction in Independence, KY such as Revere’s Crossing, Sycamore Creek, and Maher Meadows and Meadow Glen. If you are looking to be closer to downtown, you may want to consider Tuscany by Fischer Homes.

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Fischer Homes Model Tour in Greenbrook – New Construction in Independence, KY

Affordable New Construction Homes in Independence, KY | Get More House for your Money

Team Sztanyo On-Site at New Construction Homes in Independence, KY


In today’s video, we’re looking at new construction homes in Independence, KY. We’re going to tour through a local model home so you can get a feel for the design and the different layouts, and stay tuned to the end because we’re going to talk about pricing and what you can afford here in Northern Kentucky for new construction homes.

All right. Hey guys, welcome back. It’s Eric Sztanyo from Keller Williams Realty and where we are helping families find their way home. We are out doing another new construction video today. If you haven’t watched our other new construction videos, make sure you check them out. We’ve been doing them mostly in Ohio so far. So this is our first Kentucky new construction video that we’re putting up on the channel, which I’m really excited about. And we’re out here in independence, Kentucky, which is in Kenton County. In Northern Kentucky, there are three counties that make up kind of the Greater Cincinnati area. That’s Boone, Kenton, and Campbell counties. Kenton County is right in the middle of those and we’re down here on kind of the Southern end of Kenton County in Independence, Kentucky.

Today, we’re in the Greenbrook community and a lot of houses are going up here. There’s a couple of really nice things about the GreenBrook community. The first thing is it’s affordable. And some of the other homes we’ve looked at and the other neighborhoods we’ve looked at, you’re not getting into those neighborhoods anywhere shy of $400,000 $500,000, maybe even $600,000 on some of the higher-end grand masterpieces Fischer homes.

New Construction Homes in Independence, KY- Living Area

This one, however, starts in the mid two hundred thousands. Even around the two thirties, you can get a home for in here. Two thirties up into the $300,000s. So it is one of the more affordable neighborhoods, both for Fischer and really for any kind of new construction that’s not going to be like a townhome or a condominium or something like that in Northern Kentucky.

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YouTube what’s up? We’re interrupting this video briefly to say, hey, way to go you, shopping for houses while on your couch in your pajamas, eating some Doritos. That’s pretty awesome. Me, I’m out here driving, hands-free, making videos in the rain, going through these different communities in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, checking out these model homes so that you can sit on your couch in your pajamas. So, hey, just maybe give us a quick like on the video, thumbs up, that’d really help us out. All right, back to the video.

Reasons Why People Are Now Buying New Construction Homes in Greenbrook

Another reason why people will really like this community or something that’s nice about this community is if you drive through here, you’ll see there are a lot of different floor plans to choose from. And I talked to the sales rep downstairs and really he said there are 10 different floor plans to choose from, and depending on if you get a basement or a slab, you can do either one, the slabs are going to be a little bit less expensive than the basement, but you’ve got a lot of different variety, a lot of different options and price points to choose from here in this community.

Now in ranging in those different floor plans, you’ve got square footage anywhere from 1200 square feet to around 3000. So there really is a lot of different variety in both the floor plans, in the square footage. So you’ve got a lot of options here in this GreenBrook neighborhood.

So why Independence, Kentucky? Why this neighborhood and who are the people maybe buying the homes here? I talked to the rep downstairs and I asked, “Hey, are you getting a lot of out-of-state buyers here or more locally?” He said, “In this one, actually a little bit more local.” Because in terms of the geography within Cincinnati here in Independence, you’re a little further South. You’re not as close to downtown or maybe more jobs than might be downtown. Now what happens is when you go a little bit further out into Kenton County or Boone County potentially, or Campbell County, you might be able to get a little bit more house for your money.

preston by fischer homes - new construction homes in independence ky - greenbrook

Buying New Construction Homes Vs. Resale Homes

One reason why you decide, hey, I’m looking at new construction houses in Independence, Kentucky and Alexandria, Kentucky, maybe Hebron or Burlington, Kentucky. Different places that are a little bit further out from kind of downtown Cincinnati or the core Metro, where maybe a lot of jobs might be. But you might have family out here. You might want to be here a little bit further out in the country, or you just might want to get a little bit more home for the price.

And the other big reason why buyers might want to consider new construction over a resale is it’s crazy out there for a buyers market. You guys can see I’m in this kind of nursery right now. I’m in the pink room here. And if you’ve got kids and maybe you’ve had more kids and you’re like, I want to get out there. Maybe I’m trying to upgrade to get into a bigger house. And I’ve been out there trying to shop for homes for the last year, maybe even two years, and it’s like a jungle out there. It’s crazy. You’re fighting against all kinds of buyers. And on top of that, you might be buying a house that you don’t really like. That’s not the features you really like, and you have to do different remodeling.

yosemite by fischer homes - new construction homes in independence ky

And so you’re buying a used house, it might not be the design you want, and you’re fighting against all these other different buyers in a very competitive marketplace, potentially paying over asked price. And you might just say to yourself, why am I doing this? Why am I going through all the headaches, trying to rush to a home whenever I see it pop up on Zillow or the MLS feed from my realtor and run out there and put it in an offer only to lose out to another offer? It’s crazy.

And that’s why it makes a lot of sense for people to say, you know what? I’m just going to sit it out. I’m going to purchase a new construction home. I understand it might take five, six, seven months, maybe even eight months to build it. And I don’t care because I know what I’m getting. I know the timeline. I can plan my move in the right way. And it’s just easier than having to get out there and kind of elbow out all this competition of the other buyers when the inventory is so low.

Now, even the inventory on the new construction is low, I asked Tony who’s working here today, “Hey, how many lots do you have left in this neighborhood?” He said, “We’ve got 11 lots right now.” That’s in the current phase, they could open up a new phase down the road. They’ve got a little bit more land here. But I said, “How many did you have about a month ago?” He said, “We had about 17 or 18.” So, even the lots of new construction are selling fast. But for you, the buyer, and why it might make a lot of sense for somebody to do new construction, is you can plan it out and you can choose your lot. You can choose the floor plan you want. You can choose the pricing you want, and that’s a much more enjoyable and less stressful process than trying to get out there and beat out all the buyers on a resale home.

Get a Realtor on Your Side – It’s Free!

All right guys, that’s about going to wrap this one up. Per usual what I say in these videos is if you are looking for new construction, be sure to go out and talk to a realtor first. You can certainly come into the builder and just work with a sales rep from these different builders, but the builders already got it priced in to pay for a buyer’s agent. And so get some representation on your side. It’s a really good idea. It doesn’t cost you a thing and you’ve got someone kind of going to bat for you.

If you are looking for new construction homes in Independence, KY, give us a call at Team Sztanyo, (513) 813-6293, or really anywhere else in Northern Kentucky or Cincinnati. We’re licensed in Ohio and Kentucky, and we’d love to help you get into a new home. And if you haven’t checked out our other videos guys, just watch another one. Watch another one right now. We’ve got all kinds of videos of different new construction homes that you can check out. We hope you enjoy that. Thanks so much for watching and make sure you like, subscribe to the channel, please. It helps us out so much and click that notification bell. Thanks so much for watching guys. We’ll see you next time.

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